Do you believe you have been hurt or victimized by the Adoption Industry?

Welcome to the wide-world of adoption's industrial-nation

I don't think the average person has ANY concept how large and complex the Adoption Industry really is.  It's fueled and sustained by so many special-interests, it has a life-form of it's own, and it intends to stay that way thanks to govermental assistance (all in the name of CPS).

The sad irony to this is how this ultimately affects everyone, especially those who think joining sides with an industry will make it cleaner!  I don't think these victims know how deeply they are being used by a group of hugely profiting and perked people.

To give a proper-perspective on adoption, I suggest you read the following written by Laurie Frisch:

Often, adoption is thought to be a good idea simply because it might be better for a child to have parents who are married, or to have somewhat older better established parents, or else it might simply be more convenient for the child's parents to be finished with college before having to deal with a child. 

It is unusual for people to talk about the "bad" side of adoption, but adoption is not an ideal situation.

Adoption will provide a divorce-like situation for the child, who will be torn between pleasing her/his adopters and her/his original family.

Separation from his/her mother, even at birth, often results in attachment problems for the child (later adult adoptee) which will affect his/her life greatly.

What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)?

Yes, badly damaged

By its sanctimoniousness rather than by its industrialism

I'm a Barnardo's adoptee

Church, State and Country

It's interesting to think which third-party involvement hurts a child the most.

I'm a victim of  Sister Mary Eugene foundling/finding services.



I am a child abuse survivor, (institutional abuse) and I belong to where we are fighting against the closed family courts and institutional abuse. We are researching the use of the above syndromes in the family courts. We know that PAS and FMS were both written by paedophiles, MSBP has been thoroughly discredited by the investigations of the GMC and the Sally Clark and Angela Cannings scandals. It is astonishing that the family courts are continbuing to use these dangerous syndromes.

I can't paste my videos about this on here, but you can find them on Youtube under Realzoomy.

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Angela Cannings' book

Last  year I read Angela Cannings' book

A real eye-opener on what this family went throug...

The words read, and the deeds done.... (WTH?)

I watched your video about the use of The Bible in courts.  It reminded me of a thread I started here:

As a razed Catholic Adoptee, I always saw the contradiction of terms in "Honor thy mother and father" and "What God has put together, let no man put asunder".

I wholly agree, I don't think many "religious" people truly read the words written in The Bible, in fact, I think many are too busy trying to alter the phrases to fit their own meanings of "what He meant". 

There is a huge difference between the spiritual bond one has with The Creator, and understanding religious dogma.

Sad how many religious organizations are found beating, abusing, neglecting and sexually molesting the children of their flocks.

In whose name are these deeds being done?  One can only imagine!

quote unquote

A couple of months ago I read Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion, in which he makes a very good case for the fact that even fundamentalists, who take the bible literal, word for word, in fact pick and choose from the moral lessons, values and rules on personal grounds. Some choose "slay thy enemy", others "love thy enemy". The danger in that is of course that the holy scripture seems to lend credibility to those personal choices. Where an atheist, like me, has to explain the morality of a certain choice, a bible thumper just has to quote the appropriate passage. In both cases it's a personal choice, cause for that one passage quoted, there are several others that say the exact oposite.

In all essence...

I think the best rule to live by is simple and true, and can be written in many different ways:  "Treat others as you would want yourself treated"

Would I want someone to lie to me?  No

Would I want someone to take away something that's mine?  No

Would I want someone to physically harm me or my children?  Hell NO.

Do I need a book to behave well, or a book to warn me of the sort of things people will try to do to destroy another person's sense of safety and well-being?

Is there such a book that lists all the crap that can go wrong in this world, so those patterns (that cause so many costly problems) can be stopped once and for all?  Or are humans so stupid, we like to keep repeating bad history, not matter how much it hurts? 

"Society and government as a

"Society and government as a whole can be judged by how they treat their most vulnerable, abused children."

I don't even need to say more...

Who was the quote by? me.... I think unless there was someone out there before me who had that thought first...
It'd be nice to know I was wrong..... on this one..

Historically speaking...

I have been slowly adding written pieces related to the history of child placement, [], and I think these articles/authors/websites are proving we know only the tip of the huge iceburg that has ruined so many lives "saved" by and through church and state.

I believe how a society treats it's very young and it's very old reveals the moral character of its people.

Such a thought scares me to death.



you go girl!

Society has treated my children like shit!  Because of how one evilx CHOSE to live his life!!!!!!!!!!  They placed my two youngest in an abusive foster home and DID NOTHING about that home; more innocent children will be placed there and neglected and sexually molested... YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!
The government will not allow me to draw on evilx's S.S. that WE paid into for 30 years!!!!!!!!! He's in prison, so to hell with his family!!!!!!!!!!!!  He's fully taken care of while we barely survive! 
Kerry said, "....only the tip of the huge ice burg that has ruined so many lives "saved" by and through church and state."
I have been a member of MANY churches in my almost 59 years of life and only one has ever helped me in ANY way!!!!!!!!!
What does that say for the fine, upstanding churches of this country?  NOTHING!  The people make up the church; it's not the building or the Pope!  PEOPLE are not to be trusted to do the right thing, EVER!  The state is just that:  a state of being where mostly men make the rules to suit their political agenda!  The government: of the people, by the people, for the people, does
not exist in my world! 

Kerry said, " I believe how a society treats it's very young and it's very old reveals the moral character of its people."  And no
truer words were ever spoken!  It truly scares this old woman how I see society treating the young and old!  What do I have
to look forward to?  Where is the safety net for me?  30 years of giving in to SS and NOT a penny will I be able to draw!  I can truly see why women of today get out and work; the old way of the stay at home mom having her old age taken care of by the man she stuck-by for all those years is just a fairy tale.  It's everyone for themselves in this world.  That sure doesn't leave
a good future for a child, does it?

"I can be changed by what happens to me, I refuse to be reduced by it." M.A.
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