Missouri SB1132

The first part of the bill sounds fine, its the ending of the title that pisses me off.

when you click on the link you're taken to the bills summary page where you can get the complete text if you'd like. Notice at the top it says:

"Allows adopted persons eighteen and over to obtain copies of their original birth certificate under certain circumstances"

What the hell is up with all the "certain circumstances?" Do other groups of people have "certain circumstances?" NO. They don't. Adoptees shouldn't either. We didn't do anything to deserve "certain" circumstances and there is no reason for us to be discriminated against during the process of.

I believe this bill is a compromise and is settling for less than we, the adopted deserve. This bill is STILL not restoring our rights to equality. Yes its a step forward, but still less than we deserve. There is apparently a group working on this bill, i don't know if they're for it or against it, they don't have much of an online presence so its hard for me to determine their status.  I do know there are a few Missouri Adoptees at AAAFC so if you're looking to get this bill pulled, or try and find legislation to introduce a clean bill maybe thats where you should start.


Ah, good ol' triangulation!

"Certain circumstances" is what keeps the adoption industry alive, and abortion a dead-issue.

Yep... read it and create your own conclusion:  "Problems with the Paper Chase"

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