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Thank you note

March 5th, 2008 <!-- by jallred -->

Dear Families and Friends of Foyer,

Just a note to thank all who responded to the recent requests for financial help for the children of Foyer. Today I wired Guesno enough money to buy the van as well as several hundred dollars for nannies and $1500 for other immediate needs (also some adoption foreign fees and other odds and ends). We are so grateful for your generosity, support and prayers. We actually received a little more money than needed to purchase the van. The extra money has been put into a fund to pay for repairs and tires (Haiti is terribly hard on tires!).

This week We also sent Copies of the DVD Gate of Hope to all the families and agencies. Each family should receive a copy directly or through their agency. Feel free to make other copies to share with familiy or friends, but we do ask that the video not be uploaded to Youtube or other “public” internet venues. The Film can also be viewed at

We’re doing a lot of work on the website, a new forum is being developed for announcements and whatnot and lots of other developments are in the wings. Swing by and have a look. We’re grateful to the volunteers that have and are putting so much time and energy into the site.

The Reunion will be held the last weekend of June. It will be held just a few miles from where we’ve had it the last several years. More details coming soon.

I have been having trouble with one of my email accounts. If anyone has emailed me in the last month or so and hasn’t received a response, please try again. I have a new email address In addition to running my veterinary practice, I have an online business and work as an online consultant. As a result, I’m sitting at my computer many hours a day. So, if you ever send me an email and I don’t respond fairly quickly you can assume one of two things:

  • I have not received the message
  • Or, I am dead

If email isn’t working, just phone me. I’m happy to visit with you.

Have a great week.

Patrick P. Jones, DVM
Chairman, Board of Directors
Foyer de Sion, Inc
Phone:               208-410-2381       
Call any time 7 am to 10 pm MST.
If you call other times you’ll wake me up…not that that’s unusual, people wake me up all the time.
It just may take you a few minutes to convince me that you aren’t having puppies. :)

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