AmFOR: Donor Offspring Search and Registry

A Donor Offspring's search for his/her anonymous Donor Father (sperm donor) or Donor Mother (egg donor) is one of the most challenging. Today, Donor Parents are also searching for the Offspring they helped to create. Unlike adoptee searches which have possible resources within the system as well as around the system (we try any and all means in most searches) ... there are no resources for these searches. In a "worst case" scenario, some fertility clinics purposely mixed sperm of two or more donors so that the identity of the actual Donor would be unknown even to the doctor...But today, if even with multiple donors, DNA testing for paternity can determine who is a genetic match to your DNA....if Donors who were being used at that time are willing to be identified and provide a DNA test or are compelled by court order to do so. The good news is that many donor fathers are also searching and that there is a "starting point" -- including this (Lori's) website.

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