So excited

I haven't been around much lately but for a very good reason. My daughter is 8 days over due with my first grandchild! God it makes me sound old. I don't feel old enough to be a mum let alone a Nan but I'm so excited! She is going to be started off on Thursday so I will soon be holding my grandson.

I can't describe how I feel. It probably sounds very self absorbed but for the first time in my life I have a sense of belonging and roots. I know that must sound strange, I haven't quite worked out myself yet why it feels the way it does. Up till now it's just been me and my kids. Until I discovered my family almost 3 years ago the kids family started and ended with me and their Dad. Their Dad was brought up in care and the only information he has from care records is that his mum died when he was 5 and his dad was deported back to Persia the same year. I feel like I'm becoming apart of a family tree! I started off as a stick and grew three twigs (that's how it felt) and all of a sudden the addition of a new baby has blew away my vision of sticks and twigs and replaced it with a vision of a real healthy tree! Yeh, I know, I sound mad, but god it feels good! The best thing is my daughters son will never ever have to feel like he has no roots.

You can be sure I will be back with more mad thoughts and excited rambles within the next few days!



I can't help but think how bright and sweet all the colors of Spring will seem to you right now!  After so much darkness, there MUST be brightness to hold... donchya think?

I know for myself, it wasn't enough to have the generic two children most families have these days.  When I learned I was carrying twins, it horrified me, yet comforted me in a very strange way... I was sprouting the unexpected, and it was bringing me back to my roots that may never be known.  It was like a family-secret was sent to me through my mother's genes, and I felt blessed to have that strange little burden that has become Katherine and Brendan.

I like your branch analogy.  It's like we started as single-rooted container-plants, placed wherever someone wanted us to sit and grow.  It's not until buds and stems grow that we ourselves realize our life has more than what originally appeared.

This baby is proof you have out-grown that movable plant container.  You have developed your own family tree!  Congratulations, Tina  Breathe it all in, and ENJOY this with your family.  You deserve to be mad with giddy excited happiness! 


(A serious update)

The good news is Logan was born this past Saturday and seems healthy enough to not let Tina get much sleep.

The concerning news is Tina's daughter, Sacha (who has Cystic Fibrosis), is back on the ventilator after giving birth via emergency C-section.  Yesterday Tina wrote me that Sacha has septicemia and a perforated bowel.  This is Tina's second daughter with CF... a condition I am sure she did know is within her heredity.

What's so sad and so tragic to me is how this exciting event for a family has become a situation where a mommy can not hold, see or speak to the baby that once lived inside her.

If you believe in the power of prayer and God, please ask that this young mother and child be reunited in good and stable health as soon as possible.  It would be so cruel to have generation after generation of removal and separation be Tina's strongest family-tradition. 

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