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Sunday March 30, 2008

9:00 PM (EST)

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Jaymie surrendered her son to adoption in 1975 and reunited with him in 1996. The adoption was done through well-known lawyer and baby broker of New York City, Stanley Michelman. Jaymie has been following the practices of Michelman for 30 years.

Jaymie talks about how Michelman took cash payments for babies; the creation of his 1-800-adoption operation and how she tried with the state of NY to catch Michelman in a cash-for-baby transaction.

Jaymie Friedman Frederick is also a successful searcher and can be contacted by email at:

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Ana Rose born 10-16-1990


My name is Elaine Rodriguez. I was forced to do a adoption with Stanley Michelmann back in 1990. This took place in San Antonio, Texas 78210 on Oct 16,1990. I have not hear from the adoptive parents. So I have tried to reach him but just saw that he was laid to rest. I would like to know if there is anyway any one would who stayed with all the cases. I would like to send a letter to them pertaining about my daughter Ana Rose. The adoptive parents are MaryAnn and Bob they also have a adoptive son by the name of Will. All I know is they were from England. Please if you can let me know any thing or if there is a number I can call? Thank you for your help.

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Elaine Rodriguez
Houston, Texas 832-969-0231

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