I finally decided to blog here. I already hold a blogspot but this one will be different.
I will use this blog to talk about me - only me, not others - my personal thoughts about adoption, my questions that I've never asked to my loving-shitty-adoptive-parents, my anger/hurt for being sold to strangers put into adoption to another country, my anger/hurt for being bought adopted, my hurt for being brainwashed assimilated, etc.


Becoming Personal

I had to laugh at your "shitty" description.  If we don't laugh, we cry... isn't that how it works?  No one wants us to boo-hoo our burdens behind the big baby-swap.  [One woman's dream quickly becomes another child's nightmare.]

One of things that amazes me most about public adoptee-blogs is how adoptees try to assimilate their lives and stories to Normal Terms, so Normal People can understand the angst and anguish that breathes and breeds under the well-protected surface.

Can Normal People understand the dynamics of being tossed, then found?

I don't think so... at least not the way I have experienced it.


Pound Pup Legacy