Gladney sponsors Kechene Children's Home

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Kechene Children's Home

Kechene Children's Home

  • Gladney gave 4 computers to the orphanage, Total Cost: $1,721 (15, 489 ETB).
  • Gladney gave textbooks for all grade levels, Total Cost: $1,800 (16,200 ETB).
  • Gladney conducted a one-week training workshop for the caregivers of Kebebetsehay and Kechene on the issues of HIV positive children, psychological issues of children, and infant care and routines, Total Cost: $1800 (16,200 ETB), Kechene's share $900 (8,100 ETB).
  • Gladney helped to start and continues to support the Kechene Association, an employment network and opportunity association for women who have transitioned out of Kechene Children's Home. The association was started out of Gladney's concern for a large group of women who were transitioning out of Kechene Children's Home to have the support they needed to find employment and opportunity so they would stay away from harmful lifestyles. The association is run by the women themselves and is very close to receiving its license. Total Cost: $1,111 (10,000 ETB).

Total Contributions for Kechene: $5,532 (49,788 ETB)

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