Joint Council on International Childeren's Services members walk

Tom DiFilipo must be having a bad time. Of the original 279 members the JCICS had in August last year, a whopping 45 didn't renew their membership, several of them adoption agencies that didn't make the Hague accreditation, but also an organization like the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute left the Joint Council. Here is a list of all organizations that didn't renew their membership.

A Chosen Child Adoption Services
A Helping Hand Adoption Agency
A New Arrival
A Red Thread Adoption Services, Inc.
AAC Adoption and Family Network, INC.
ABA Adoption Services, Inc.
ACCEPT - An Adoption and Counseling Center
Adoption Bridges of Kentucky, Inc.
Adoption Partners
Adoption Resources of Wisconsin
Adoption Service Information Agency
Adoption Source
Adoptions International Inc. (Pennsylvania)
Adoptionworx Canada, Inc.
Akron Children's Hospital/Oak Adoptive Health Center
American International Adoption Agency
Catholic Charities of Baltimore
Chances by Choice
Children and Families First, Inc.
Children of India
Children of the World, Inc. (Alabama)
Children's Research Triangle
Christian Adoption Services, Inc.
Claar Foundation
Compassionate Hearts
Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
Faith in God Missions Inc.
Focus on Adoption
Focus on Children, Wyoming
Foyer de Sion, Inc.
Harrah's Adoption International Mission
International Adoption Clinic, Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland
International Adoption Clinic, University of Virginia Children's Hospital
Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN)
Parsons Child & Family Center
Plan-It for Kids, P.C.
Seedlings Inc.
Special Additions, Inc.
Sunrise Children's Services
Texas Children's Health Center for International Adoption
The Center for Adoption Support & Education, Inc.
UAB International Medical Center
Uniting Families Foundation
University Hospitals Health System
West Sands Adoptions

To be fair, let's mention the 17 new members of the JCICS too:

Adoption Connection at Jewish Family Services of Greenwich
Adoption Options of Jewish Family Service
Caring for Kids, Inc.
Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau (Diocene of NY)
Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital
Families United Network, Inc.
Fields of Promise
Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.
International Christian Adoptions
Living Hope Adoption Agency
Love the Children, Inc.
Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Madison Adoption Associates
Professional Adoption & Community Services
RBK Pediatrics

The Powers that Be

What , exactly does this list mean?  I'm especially interested because hasn't  The Evan B. Donalsdon Adoption Institute been "THE" huge information-resource for the most current studies on adoption statistics and safety?

JCICS and AMREX scandal

I know a lot of the clients who got caught up in the AMREX fallout-complained to the JCICS about their members who used AMREX.  A lot of those agencies-some of who are not mentioned above did not renew when questioned about their involvement with AMREX, their client contracts, and how they were handeling their clients who were affected by AMREX.

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