Woman gets 9 years in prison for treatment of adopted son

Date: 2007-12-29
Source: wsbt.com

Woman gets 9 years in prison for treatment of adopted son

Michael Guilmette
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A woman who pleaded guilty to neglect for failing to get medical attention for her 7-year-old adopted son's burns was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Marion Superior Court Judge Grant Hawkins imposed a 15-year sentence, with six years suspended, and ordered Bessie Saffold, 62, to spend three years on probation after her release.

He also barred Saffold on Friday from adopting any more children, calling her "old-school" parenting style criminal.

"It was not just mere neglect," Hawkins said.

Saffold, who adopted five children, has admitted to locking an adopted child in a room as punishment and excessively spanking others.

In January, her 7-year-old adopted son suffered scalding wounds that went untreated for three weeks, aside from Saffold's attempts to treat the burns herself.

Prosecutors said Saffold submerged the boy in bath water to punish him for wetting himself.

She pleaded guilty to neglect, admitting only that she failed to seek medical help. She also pleaded guilty to criminal confinement and two counts of battery.

Hawkins said he might move Saffold from prison after three years if her record is clean.

In October, Hawkins sentenced Saffold's husband, Mechelle Saffold, 60, to four years in prison for failing to seek medical help for the boy.

At Friday's sentencing, Bessie Saffold apologized to the children, who have been taken from the home. Two boys and two girls had asked the judge for a stiff sentence.

Several witnesses, including Saffold's 17-year-old granddaughter, said Saffold was caring and involved but raised her children with a firm hand.

"She was not the wicked witch of the west," the Rev. Damon Roach said. "She did make ... some mistakes in judgment."


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