China adoption - worldwide silence

Yeah, folks, live ain't easy for the adoption world.

The Hunan scandal had nicely dried up without too much damage.  Olympics may slow down China this year, but no doubt next year the business will pick up again.

And then we should not having some Dutch TV programme spoiling the fun, by claiming that not only the Chinese oprhanages pay 400 dollar for 'abandoned' babies. No, this time it was revealed that the Chinese family planning authorities pro-actively take children away from their families (if those cannot pay the fin!!! so the rich may keep their children). And even if some poverty stricken farmers find ways to round up the money, they are told it is too late: the children are now abroad, changed identity and can never be retraced.

And it is not about 10 children, or 100. No, it may well be 1.000. Or more??

But after some initial Dutch reporting, it is silent  - sooooo silent in the adoption world.

Guess they all read the US State Departments recommendation???

PLEASE NOTE: Chinese authorities are extremely sensitive about the operation of foreign entities in China.  Moreover, adoption is also a sensitive subject in China.It is therefore advisable for any person interested in adopting a child from China to act with discretion and decorum.  High-profile attention to adoption in China could curtail or eliminate altogether adoption of Chinese children by persons from countries, including the United States, that have caused adoption to become the subject of public attention.


Chinese twins

Saw that programme.

The Chinese authorities even took a girl who was part of a pair of twins. 
The girl is in the US now, I think. Will find that back in a minute.

Also a child ended up in Canada.

And the others must be in one of the 16 countries that import chinese children.

But then again, does anyone care? Will a big search be done?

Uhh no, because these adoptions were of course LEGAL. Makes me wanna P**E.

Is China changing their "one per family" rule?

I thought you'd find the following quite interesting:

Government advisers warn rule has sparked social, economic problems

updated 5:44 a.m. ET, Fri., March. 14, 2008

BEIJING - China faces a grim mismatch between population and social needs unless it soon relaxes its one-child rule, government advisers and experts have warned, stoking fresh debate about the once untouchable policy.

The warning has come from members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and separately from prominent population experts in a newspaper on Friday.

Their calls come after officials sought to play down recent comments from a senior family-planning administration official who said the government was considering relaxing rules that restrict most urban couples to one child and farming couples to two.

With the world's biggest population straining scarce land, water and energy, China has enforced rules limiting family size since the 1970s and argues that keeping the current restrictions is crucial to economic growth.

But during the annual session of the Consultative Conference, a literature scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and 28 other members signed a proposal urging "abolition of the one-child rule as quickly as possible," according to a report on the Xinhua news agency Web site on Friday.

A deputy of the National People's Congress, or parliament, which is still meeting, also called for "appropriately altering family planning policies," the report said.

No caretakers for elderly
Scholar Ye Tingfang and her supporters in the Conference argued that the one-child rule is generating serious economic and social-welfare problems and creating a nation of lonely, socially-maladapted children and elderly parents without caretakers.

"If we enforced the old coercive policies out of desperation, now desperation calls for ending that policy," she earlier told the Southern Metropolitan Daily, a bold tabloid published in Guangzhou. She suggested urban couples be allowed two children.

The Consultative Conference is a powerless body, and the central government is unlikely to relax the "one-child" policy any time soon. Ye made a similar call last year.

But the open calls from the politicians, together with warnings from demographers -- in the wake of the official's comments -- suggest that debate is growing.

Heavy fines for offenders
In the Southern Metropolitan Daily on Friday, three Chinese experts assembled a case for quickly relaxing the restrictions, which threaten offenders with heavy fines, restricted government services and, especially in the past, forced abortions.

Officials contend that the policy has prevented 400 million births that would have put even greater strain on already stretched food stocks and other resources.

Keeping the controls for much longer will sap the population of young people in coming decades when the country faces growing numbers of aged, a shrinking workforce and a huge demand for old-age pensions, Zeng Yi of Peking University and two others said.

Zeng, a well-known expert on China's population dynamics, said now would be the "best time" for relaxing family size controls -- while the workforce is strong and the proportion of aged relatively low.

"If we wait five, 10, 15 years to adjust population control policies," Zeng told the paper, "that would be compounding one disaster with another -- then will be too late for regrets."


Stealing babies for Adoption

We have a back ground article from the Washington Post here.

US pleads for silence to avoid China adoption scandal

By Brian Douglas. (RCHF-UK.)

China is again embroiled in another Intercountry adoption scandal.
Previous scandals have proven to be dangerous for the continuation of the Chinese adoption programme. Therefore, the US State Separtment is appealing adoption related issues to be be kept quiet, as I note in reading the following statement on their website.

PLEASE NOTE: Chinese authorities are extremely sensitive about the operation of foreign entities in China. Moreover, adoption is also a sensitive subject in China. It is therefore advisable for any person interested in adopting a child from China to act with discretion and decorum. High-profile attention to adoption in China could curtail or eliminate altogether adoption of Chinese children by persons from countries, including the United States, that have caused adoption to become the subject of public attention.

The news that broke last week in a Dutch TV program that Chinese couples have lost their children in the Chinese 1 child policy if they have been unable to pay a fine for having the extra child.

This includes cases of twins born into a family and shows the callousness of the China authorities in breaking twins apart, thus allowing one to stay with its parents and the other taken to an orphanage and then unknown to the biological parents farmed out to foreign countries like the US, the Netherlands or Spain for intercountry adoption at a huge profit to the agencies concerned.

I ask Mrs. Maud de Boer Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe and French European MEPs Claire Gibault and Jean Marie Cavada along with Mr. De Combret of CARE FRANCE (SERA) to take special note that the US Hague convention has failed these children and has again proved to be ineffective in protection the rights of the child as laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and to with immediate effect investigate cases of chinese children that have been adopted by Families from France and The Netherlands, plus provide in an open manner numbers of chinese children adopted to these countries.

The cases discovered are appalling and again no thought has been shown to the children concerned. Even worse is the discovery that Chinese pay for children taken to orphanages.

The China center of adoption affairs states quite clearly in its Inter Country adoption literature that a foreign person can adopt twins and this just shows the hypocrisy of the situation that a Chinese family that bears twins cannot keep them without paying a fine for having more than one child!
Considering the levels of poverty within China one can easily realize that many loving parents loose a child this way weather a second child born after the first or as in the case of twins.

We note that the price for a child is indeed high as the figures on the US state department website alone for China adoptions add up to a staggering $6.130 USD standard china authority adoption fees without travel costs or Chinese-notarized certificate approving the adoption, birth certificate and abandonment certificate and additional documents such as death certificates (for the orphan's parents in such a case) or additional investigation costs are not included in these fees.

The standard (obligatory) donation to orphanages, by adoptive parents is between 3.000 and 5.000 dollars…

If we look at the Agency Dove Adoptions International website from the US one can see the charges they look for are a minimum of 12.000 USD for a child so here clearly there is proved a huge business in adoption of children and when these sorts of huge sums are involved the rights of the child come at best a poor second.

I would suggest the US state department, together with the Dutch Ministry of Justice, took the lead in this case in China and rather than ask people to be discreet should be standing up for the rights of the child and shouting out loud for a full and open review of China adoptions and an immediate ban until all these cases unearthed are resolved in the child's best interest.

Posted By Brian Douglas to ALL CHILDREN HAVE RIGHTS at 3/16/2008 10:42:00 PM

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