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1980: The Kurtz network expands, Kurtz claims to function as "his own government"

During interviews with McTaggert for her 1980 book, Kurtz told McTaggart that, in addition to setting up La Sociedad, he was also organizing the Adoption Foundation of the Americas in Greenville, South Carolina, and had taken charge of Friends of Children, an already existing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. He added Adoption Workshop Centers in New York, funded by the Tzyril Foundation, to help couples find babies to adopt. AWC offered counseling to couples on adoption as well as the names of various organizations from which they might get a child, one of which was Tzyril. AWC also had a "Mothers in Need" program to provide counseling to pregnant girls on their alternatives to abortion, one of which was Easter House. One of the AWC counselors was also employed by Easter House to perform home studies of couples who applied to any of Kurtz's organizations.

Kurtz had created "his own adoption hotline for referring natural mothers, his own referral service for [people who wanted to adopt], his own advertising agency, his own headquarters for applications and finances, his own suppliers to make the placements, his own service for home studies, plus his own corporation to handle the legal work," McTaggert said. "I function," Kurtz said, "as my own government."

Source: McTaggart, Lynne. The Baby Brokers: The Marketing of White Babies in America. New York: The Dial Press, 1980.

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