Chinese adoption crimes - who'se the trafficker?

The Dutch TV programme Netwerk brought last night shocking images of how children are taken away from their Chinese families, to be sold for adoption abroad.

Another phenomenon is that the directors of children's homes pay Big Money for 'foundlings'. It's business to 'find' children.

William Duncan, Deputy-Sectretary General of the Hague Conference, condemns this practice.  No money is ever allowed to beinvolved in international adoptions: NOT A DOLLAR, says Duncan. And he calls it plain trafficking

But why look only at the Chinese side of the coin?

Tell me, why are directors of children's homes prepared to pay for 'foundlings'. How come they have such money anyway?(apparently they pay the equivalent of half a year's salary - aprox 300/400 dollars, depending of the highest bidder).

Could it be because it they are middlemen in a bigger process?

Let's not forget that the children are sold on to foreign adoption agencies, for about TEN TIMES more (3.000 dollars). That foreign money is paid directly to the children home, and not to the Chinese Central Adoption Authority? So this is where the real money comes in.

So, Mr. Duncan, is that allowed? Is that no trafficking?

PeoPLe are worried, Mr. Duncan.  So we invite you to join our open discussion, and we look forward to your expert view on this matter.  



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