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Seymour Kurtz
Easter House

1960 or 1962: Easter House founded

According to the Lynn McTaggart, who interviewed Seymour Kurtz for her 1980 book The Baby Brokers: The Marketing of White Babies in America, Kurtz received his license to set up Easter House as a non-profit organization in 1962. However, state records show the date as 1960. McTaggart reported that Kurtz appointed the former head of the Illinois Department of Welfare (predecessor to the Department of Children and Family Services), Millicent Smith, as executive director. For thirteen years, he turned over all responsibility to Smith.

Kurtz began paying more attention to the agency in 1973, when Smith informed him that the agency might be forced to close, due to a shortage of babies. Kurtz said he promptly flew to Italy and Greece, looking for new sources of babies, but soon discovered that Europe had an even greater shortage of adoptable White babies than did America.

Source: McTaggart, Lynne. The Baby Brokers: The Marketing of White Babies in America. New York: The Dial Press, 1980.

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