MIOBC Plan of action!! Get involved TODAY!!

Do you support open records for adult adoptees? Are you willing to help Michigan achieve equality for Michigan Adopted Adults?

They are putting a call out for anyone that can help with the following:

  Media Committee:  deals with press releases, interviews, general "getting the word out"

    Legislative Committee:  deals with day-to-day contact with Congressmen and women (i.e. sending out weekly mailers - statistics and support letters, phone campaigns, etc.)
    LegDay (pronounced "Ledge-Day") Committee:  organizing local informational booths, designed to educate the public (and, in doing so, educating members of the adoption triad) about the shortcomings of present law and the benefits of the proposed legislation.  This committee would also promote the ISRR database, the Central Adoption Registry, and any online, free databases and support groups.
    Lobby Committee:  deals with garnering and coveting support from powerful politically-active agencies like NOW, the AAC, etc. 
    "Everyman" Committee:  deals with the promotion of letter-writing campaigns, aimed at getting as many support letters sent to our decision-makers as possible. 

Each committee will have volunteers assigned, based on their individual strengths and interests.  If you would like to volunteer for a specific committee, please let us know.  We need to get these committees going as soon as possible, so please let us know your interests as soon as you can.  Thank you in advance for your help...together, we can get this job done!

Dee Lindeman

So if you can get involved with them and help in any way they request you join a new group that has just been formed MIOBC found at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MiOBC/

And if you don't want to join, but are a great writer, spend an hour writing to all of these Senators and make a statement that you support the Adoptee Rights Identity movement.

Below is a list of the Senate Committee for Bill #0592

Snail Mail for All Senators:
Senator Name
Post Office Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909-7536

Senator Mark Jansen – Chair for Senate Committee – District 28 – Republican
E-mail: SenMJansen@senate. michigan. gov
Office phone: 517/373-0797 Fax: 517/373-5236

Senator Dennis Olshove – District 9 – Democrat
E-mail: SenDOlshove@ senate.michigan. gov
Office phone: 517/373-8360 Fax: 517/373-9230

Senator Jim Barcia – District 31 – Democrat
E-mail: SenJBarcia@senate. michigan. gov
Office phone: 517/373-1777 Fax: 517/373-5871

Senator Gilda Jacobs – District 14 – Democrat
E-mail: SenGJacobs@senate. michigan. gov
Office phone: 517/373-7888 Fax: 517/373-2983

Senator Patricia Birkholz – District 24 – Republican
E-mail: SenPBirkholz@ senate.michigan. gov
Office phone: 517/373-3447 Fax: 517/373-5849

Senator Bill Hardiman – District 13 – Republican
E-mail: http://www.senate. michigan. gov/hardiman
Office phone: 517/373-1801 Fax: 517/373-5801

Senator John Pappageorge – District 13 – Republican
E-mail: SenJPappageorge@ senate.michigan. gov
Office phone: 517/373-2523 Fax: 517/373-5669



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