James W. Bader (Jimmy Jones)

In August of 1974 Sparks Police were called to Saint Mary’s Hospital on a report of a 3 year old dying from injuries sustained during a fall. An investigation at the time concluded that there was no foul play involving the death of the child, James "J.W." Bader.

31-years later Sparks Police Detectives received a phone call from J.W.'s older sister, Julie Dunn, saying he had been abused by his adoptive mother Catherine Bader. Father Larry Bader (dec'd) was not implicated or charged. Dunn, who was a teen at the time, said she witnessed her mother repeatedly kick and punch the developmentally disabled boy in the stomach, including the day he died, that she slammed toilet seats on his genitals, held his hands in boiling water, held his head underwater in the bathtub and rammed his head into a backyard post. The 1974 case was reopened in 2006 and investigated by detectives. Through forensic evidence it was determined that James Bader had been beaten until his intestines burst.

Catherine was remarried and known as Catherine Wyman or Catherine Bader-Wyman

Date: 1974-08-01
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Adoptive mother


Sparks, Nevada
United States
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NV Supreme Court reverses woman's conviction2009-10-08
Judge reverses his decision to allow Bader's lawyers access to records of witness 2007-09-13
Judge grants query to look into witness' health records 2007-09-06
Woman sentenced to 15 years in murder of adopted son 2007-08-16
Wyman Sentenced to 15 Years for Beating Death of Son2007-08-15
Ex-Sparks Woman Won't Get New Trial In 1974 Death2007-07-28
Mother won't receive new trial for son's death 2007-07-28
Former Sparks Mother Testifies About Adopted Son’s Death2007-07-04
Guilty verdict delivered in 1974 murder case 2007-06-30
Jury begins deliberating today in 1974 death of toddler 2007-06-29
Woman denies abusing adoptive son in murder trial 2007-06-28
Witness: Bader's son died of child abuse 2007-06-27
Daughter of suspect in boy's '74 death testifies 2007-06-26
Ex-coroner says child abuse inquiries more complete now 2007-06-22
Woman on Trial in Washoe County For 1974 Murder of Adopted Son2007-06-21
Nurse testifies in toddler's death 33 years later 2007-06-21
Trial begins in 1974 murder case 2007-06-20
Former Sparks woman goes on trial in adopted son's 1974 death2007-06-17
Mother claims innocence in '74 adopted son's death 2007-06-17
Former Sparks Woman Goes on Trial in Adopted Son's 1974 Death2007-06-17
Nurse testifies in decades old child death2006-07-01
Mother indicted on 1974 murder charge2006-06-29
Indictment in '74 Child Murder2006-06-29
Woman accused of murder to face grand jury proceedings2006-06-24
Lawyer challenges pathologist's credibility 2006-06-23
Mother returns to face 1974 murder charge 2006-06-22
New Twist in Sparks Cold Case Murder2006-06-07
Police suspect abuse caused '74 child death2006-06-03
Sparks Cold Case Solved 2006-06-01

Lets not forget the adoptive father here.....

And Larry bader was the adoptive father- from the time they took him in until he died. There were reportss the father was verbally and physically abusive the rest of the children, and the daughters (teenagers) were extremely jealous of the "boy" their father had adopted.
There is no way to know who, or perhaps all of them, were to blame for this child's death. The daughter's stry was rather questionable, why wait until the adoptive father was dead, to come forward? Why did it take hypnotherapy for her to remember the alleged abuse? Why allow your own son to be raised by the mom if she was so abusive to your step-brother?
This is on appeal to the NV Supreme Court as the daughter fought to have her medical records kept out, why? If you are the only accuser, why should the jury not know how youi came up with your story? Amazing the details one can claim to remember in hyponotherapy - down to how many times someone was hit, each time.????
I am not buying this story and I think the daughter did it - out of jealousy....or as in some of the above stories - the child was so sick and had medical conditions prior to the adoption.
Careful what you post - when you don't include all of the facts:) Becomes libel, slander and defamation!

Do you have additional information?

Do you have any information missing from our archive that can shed a different light on this case? So far we have collected all material we could find about this case. That's as much as we can do. Our cases are not based upon personal opinion, but are a collection of material as provided by reputable sources. So you statement about libel, slander and defamation is somewhat out of line.

Check the facts

Check the facts, court files, other reputable articles, and tell the whole story. Of course the father was not charged.....Julie waited until he was deceased to remeber her "story". You leave out little details like that and make it sound like 1) he just wasn't charged; and 2) like of the two parents charged with the care of this child she was the only one they chose to look at.
There are a lot of stories out there about how abusive Larry badeer was to his kids.
There is a lot of informaiton out there about the many heakth and mental issues this child had at the time he was adopted by Larry Bader, who found him abandoned in a Casino. No one knows the extent of what the child had previously been thru, born with or even his true age - so why make it appear a healthy and happy child died with no other possible cause?
if you want to have the information on your website - make it fair, equal, thorough, and most of all correct - or don't plead you are not biased.

Slanted Version of the Facts!!!!

First of all, the father was never charged, only because hte daughter, Julie, conveniently waited until the father was deceased to "recall" her story and report it to the police.
Second, if the mother was so abusive , why then did Julie allow Catherine to raise her son for an extended period of time?
Third, if Julie was so confident of her "recollection" why then fight to keep out the medical records wherein it was allegedy "recalled" under hypnosis or therapy?
Finally, Catherine is, was and shall always remain Catherine Wyman; not bader-Wyman



Can you back up your statements?

Since all three of the above comments were posted from the same IP address, I will only respond once.

Like I said in an earlier comment in this thread, the cases we collect information about are not compiled based on personal opinion, but on information available. This case goes all the way back to 1974, which makes it harder to find information about it. If you can provide information from reputable sources, we are more than welcome to add it to our archives.


The appellate court got it right! The therapy records of the daughter Julie Dunn should have been admittred and the trial court committed error when it ruled to keep them out the case was overturned and remanded for a new trial - the appellate court added "Justices also said in their opinion that the evidence against Wyman was NOT overwhelming".
The prosecution sought a deal and opted not retry Wyman - go figure - they knew the case would fall apart if the records of the accuser were admitted.
Justice has prevailed for Wyman and she has been released!
Check the facts - the appelate court finding is public record!
This website is bordering on defamation and if your name appears on here without the FULL STORY - you should challenge the authors!


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