Sean Paddock (Sean Ford)

Sean Paddock was suffocated by tightly wrapped blankets at age 4, by his adoptive mother Lynn Paddock, who had sought Christian discipline advice in the books of Michael and Debi Pearl. There were 5 other adopted children and 1 bio child in the home who testified that Lynn beat them frequently with flexible plastic rods, wooden spoons and other devices. Lynn Marie Paddock was convicted of first degree murder.

Adoptive father Johnny Paddock was not charged criminally, but a civil jury found he "aided and abetted" in Sean's death. The Paddock's left a Primitive Baptist Church to attend a "a smaller, fundamentalist church in Sanford that advocated wearing long dresses, avoiding TV and shutting out popular culture" (possibly a Pentecostal Church).
Date: 2006-02-26
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Adoptive mother
Home schooling: yes
Fundamentalist faith: yes


Persons: Deborah Artis


Johnston County, North Carolina
United States
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Documentsort iconDate
Statement by the director of Wake County Child Welfare Services on the death of Sean Paddock2006-03-06
Wake County Child Fatality Prevention Team/County Child Protection Team report on Sean Paddock2006-07-07
Adopted boy's death spurs custody battle2006-08-08
Adoption incentive prompts concerns2008-06-30
Adoptive mom's murder case goes to appeals court2010-01-13
Autopsy reveals child was tied2006-03-04
Autopsy: Blankets were to keep boy in bed2006-05-05
Boy says he lied out of fear of Paddock2008-05-30
Boy's aunt: 'I hope his death is not in vain'2008-06-12
Child's death spurs changes2006-07-07
Children face Paddock in court2008-05-29
Civil court: Adoptive father 'aided and abetted' child's 2006 suffocation2011-07-19
Could Sean Paddock's death have been prevented?2008-06-04
Dead boy's mother accused before2006-02-28
Dead child's mom sought discipline tips2006-03-16
Did Hana's parents 'train' her to death?2011-11-27
Doctor says Paddock boy was tortured2008-06-06
Doctor says Paddock meant no harm2008-06-10
Judge allows abuse testimony2008-05-12
Judge allows abuse testimony2008-05-21
Judge declines to delay Paddock trial2008-05-21
Judge hears of harsh discipline2008-05-20
Jury selected for mother's murder trial2008-05-28
Jury sifts two versions of Paddock2008-06-12
Lynn Paddock found guilty of murder2008-06-12
Mom's murder charge upgraded2006-03-14
Mother accused of killing adopted son takes stand2008-06-09
Mother charged in death of boy2006-02-27
Paddock case to go to jury2008-06-11
Paddock children still cope with brother's death2008-05-28
Paddock jury won't hear call from daughter2008-05-31
Paddock says she was beaten as a child2008-06-09
Paddock takes the stand in her own defense2008-06-09
Paddock tells of own pain2008-06-10
Paddock weeps on witness stand 2008-06-09
Paddock will pay for crimes2008-06-13
Paddock's children testify2008-05-28
Parenting guru is revered, reviled2006-04-30
Pediatrician tells of boy's suffocation2008-06-07
Preaching Virtue of Spanking, Even as Deaths Fuel Debate2011-11-06
Psychologist: Adoptive mother didn't intend to harm children2008-06-10
Questions about ministry grow2010-02-26
Sean Paddock's last hours described2008-06-05
Sean's short life shows system's flaws2008-06-29
State Child Fatality Review - Findings and Recommendations - Johnson and Wake Counties2008-06-00
State gave couple stipend2006-03-07
Stranger supports Paddock witness2008-06-03
Testimony chronicles day of Sean's death2008-06-04
To train up a child
Tot is laid to rest amid questions2006-03-02
Trial in child's death to begin2008-05-19
Trial no easy topic for anyone2008-06-11
Verdict means adoptive father can't benefit from boy's death2011-07-20
Where was Sean Paddock's father? 2008-06-09


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