Girl adopted by David and Karen Gilmore

9-year-old girl adopted by David Charles Gilmore and his wife Karen, was sexually abused by her adoptive father. The Gilmore's had four biological children under the age of 10 and three children adopted from Russia. Gilmore was a music teacher and a former Friends (Quaker) youth pastor. Gilmore is serving 30 years.
Date: 2005-01-22
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse
Abuser: Adoptive father
Fundamentalist faith: yes


St Paul, Oregon
United States
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Judge nixes wrongful prosecution suit2006-01-24
David Charles Gilmore article from NationMaster2005-12-01
Gilmore meted 11 more years in prison2005-10-01
Serial abuser gets 11 more years2005-09-29
Abuse nets man 19 years2005-06-30
Twice-acquitted defendant sues2005-02-08
Warrens files civil rights lawsuit2005-02-05
Grand jury examines Gilmore sexual abuse case2005-01-29
Teacher arrested on sex abuse charges2005-01-22
Warrens is acquitted for a second time2003-06-21
Warrens acquitted -- church family attempts to mend2003-04-12
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Gilmore Shmilmore...

David Gilmore was supposed to be a spiritual mentor for me at one point in my youth. In fact, the last time I saw him, I felt a slight bit of guilt with my "F**K BUSH" button prominently displayed on the collar of my coat (this was around the time of Bush's reelection, if I recall). I remember thinking that night, "I wonder if he was offended?". To this day, I still think about making up some "F**K DAVID GILMORE" buttons and distributing then amongst all the people that I knew that had been affected by his, er, poor judgment. Most of them have left the church anyways, so I doubt they'll be offended.

That is my father you speak

That is my father you speak of....who was and still is a spiritual mentor to me. If he taught you anything spiritual it would have been to forgive. He is the most amazing person in the world, and if only you knew how sorry he was...but you don't cause he didn't send YOU letters from his heart. Please don't talk about him like that, I love him so much

what kind of spiritual

what kind of spiritual guidance can you possibly get from a child abuser? Forgiveness does not come into play here - and he canNOT be all that amazing - to do what he did is not amazing, it's despicable. He's sorry? Sorry he got sent to jail you mean.
go ahead, love a child rapist, - shows everyone where YOUR brains are.

Oh give me a break, he

Oh give me a break, he wasn't born a child abuser!! There is no instance IN THE WORLD where forgiveness does not come into play. HE is amazing, and was overtaken by this world we're forced to live in...but seriously, it's not any worse than porn addicts. Who are you to judge?!

HE TURNED HIMSELF IN!!! Was never sent to jail. What kind of man would give up his life?!?! HE knew he needed help! He couldn't do it on his own, you have to admire him for that, whoever you are!!


If your "dad" is still so wonderful in your mind you should keep it to yourself. Children are a gift from God.What he did was ungodly of him. I was adopted into a very abusive house who told me I owed them.And he may not have been born an abuser but he made the choice to become one.I don't care if you think it wasn't his fault.Quit making excuses for him! And porn addicts have nothing to do with sexual or any type of abuse on CHILDREN! Quit deflecting! You love him? Then hold him accountable!!!



I knew your dad 30 years ago. The young adult male I knew couldn't be the man that did this. But, if I remember one thing about him that stands consistent is he always admitted the truth. When my dad died suddenly, your father comforted me in my pain and loss. I am sadden that he chose this path and may god have mercy on him. I do not condone what he did because its terrible to harm any child. and i believe that he is already in his own hell. I don't understand why nor do i need to. I just know that there are sides to people we love that we don't always know. I am sorry for your loss, because it is like a death. The young man I knew was a kind guy and this is shocking. I did not know until recently.

Would you continue loving

Would you continue loving him if he abused you? You must be one of those Catholic Priests in training.


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