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Holding Hands

Daily Inspiration
By Dr. John H. Sklare
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The older I get, the more I appreciate the simple things in life.  In my opinion, the early years of most of our lives are filled with trying to acquire and achieve things.  Things like educations, homes and financial resources to name only a few.  But are these the things that bring true happiness into your life?  Well, let’s just say that I have had my share of wealthy patients over the years and happiness is definitely not a guaranteed side effect of financial success and material holdings.  In my experience, it’s the simple things in life that bring a smile to your face and provide you with true heartfelt satisfaction.  

This came to mind as I watched an elderly couple out for a walk in my neighborhood the other evening.  What caught my attention was that they were walking hand in hand.  I guess I’m becoming a big old softy because seeing an elderly couple walking hand in hand always makes me a bit emotional.  There are few things more endearing or intimate than holding hands with the one you love.  So, in the spirit of love and feeling connected to your significant other, I suggest you take a stroll into the wonderful world of hand holding.  If you already do that, you know the wonder and joy of it.  If you don’t, why not make today the day you take that special someone by the hand and feel the power and intimacy that holding hands creates?  That’s a feeling that can’t be bought or borrowed but there are few things more priceless and precious in this entire world.

Wishing You Great Health,
Dr. John H. Sklare 


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