Adoption World, Inc

Adoption World, Inc (incorporated in Illinois) merged with the Golden Link Foundation. The surviving entity is Adoption World, Inc (incorporated in Georgia), which has it's offices in Illinois at the same address as the original Adoption World Inc.
Organization type: Adoption Agency
Founded: 1985-02-14
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Howard KorengoldRegistrant of2005-02-03
Mary Ann MijajlovicExecutive Director
Seymour KurtzFounder of1985-02-14
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Illinois Department of Children's and Family ServicesLicensedAdoption World, Inc
Golden Link FoundationRenamed intoAdoption World, Inc2007-07-13
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Easter House files moved to DCFS2008-11-11
Adoption Care/ Golden Link / Adoption World corporate registration in Georgia1985-09-20
Adoption World - Georgia
Adoption World Inc. Licence


211 E Ontario St, Suite 1010
Chicago, Illinois, 60611-3277
United States
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