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Beckhams 'hoping to adopt' African baby girl

By Nicole Martin Digital and Media Correspondent

Last Updated: 8:47pm GMT 05/02/2008

David and Victoria Beckham are hoping to adopt a baby girl from Africa, it has been reported.

The couple, who have three sons, allegedly told friends about their wish to adopt a child after the footballer’s recent visit to poverty-stricken Sierra Leone.

According to Grazia magazine, he came close to tears as he witnessed the plight of African orphans during his four-day trip as United Nations Children’s Fund goodwill ambassador.

"I had to step back and take a deep breath," he is reported as saying. "But what stopped me crying was knowing that what these kids are going through is far worse than my feelings."

During his trip, Beckham spent time at a health clinic learning about the most common causes of these deaths, such as malaria, diarrhoea, malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and TB.

He also joined two health workers as they travelled into a community to vaccinate children unable to attend the clinic.

The magazine quotes a friend of the couple saying that Beckham has been considering adopting for some time.

"If there is one subject that can move him to tears, it’s the thought of being unloved, uncared for and with no hope or future," the friend said.

"It was only when David starting planning his trip to Sierra Leone that they began talking about adoption again. It’s clear they both think adoption is great."

A spokesman for the couple said: "They both publicly have said that while they admire people who go through the adoption process, their focus is raising their own three boys."


Out of Africa

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Africa the only land where children are in need of medical care and attention? 

Africa - resident requirement

Nope, Africa is not the only place where children need medical care and attention.

But it is the place that traditionally not knows/allows adoptions and most countries have no intercountry adoption laws in place. 

On top of that, Sierra Leone requires the adoptive family to foster the child SIX months IN country, befor going OUT OF AFRICA. But that requirement can be waived in exceptional cases. David/Veronica should check with Madge... She has the experience.

When Madonna adopted from Malawi that country had no adoption law that allowed intercountry adoption. But that could not spoil the pleasure: Madonna helped to create them along the way !!!

more props for the propaganda,,1138247_3,00.html

since Pitt turned 40 in 2003, his interest in fatherhood intensified. "It's time. . . . I just feel I have something to offer them, that I would be a responsible guy through life now," he said recently. After visiting AIDS- and poverty-stricken children in Africa last year, Pitt told GQ that adoption "makes all the sense in the world," adding that he embraced "the responsibility of putting your life second, and your job is to show this little one around the world."

Few parents take those words quite so literally. Since the start of their relationship, Pitt has squired Jolie and her kids to Kenya, England, Ethiopia, Canada, Tokyo and Pakistan, where they spent Thanksgiving. The couple are rarely seen in public without at least one of the children at their side (and more frequently, in Pitt's arms).

The Steps to Adoption

Pitt must clear these hurdles to become an adoptive dad

• Wait out a California-mandated 180-day minimum supervisory period so that the courts can perform legwork and documentation. "He's not going to get any special treatment," says L.A. adoption attorney David Radis.

• Visit with a licensed social worker, who'll drop by Pitt's Malibu home as many as four times to study his relationship with Zahara and Maddox and confirm that the environment is suitable.

• Obtain letters from friends or family who can attest to his character and relationship with Jolie's children.

• Undergo a fingerprint check, run through Child and Family Services, to confirm that he has never been arrested for child abuse.

• Finally, Pitt, Jolie, Maddox and Zahara must all attend a hearing in which Jolie relinquishes her rights as the sole parent and Pitt assumes equal financial responsibility for the kids. Says Radis: "legally, you must support your children until they become adults."

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