I cant remember any other human being annoying me the way Gerry Mccann does. Now I know I shouldn't get personal but you know what I feel it's personal. A personal insult to my intelligence. Just where do they get off and what next.

A specialist in image age enhancement supplied a photo likeness of how Maddie would have changed over time. Not an easy task I'm sure.. That picture update must have been used on every Blog and news report about Maddie, except that is... the Mccanns sites. If I am right they have never give thanks or acknowledged the photo of their daughter.

Now under their own steam and at their command they have produced their own version of photo (another waste of pissing money) too be honest looking at the photo you could be excused for thinking its a hoax, but oh no it's real

Annie Lennox or diversion tactic, ehrm lets think....

And THIS whats THIS?????

Poster Competition (Closed): Congratulation's to Sophie Roberts (13) from North Wales (UK), for winning the "Poster Competition". Sophie's entry 19 received 35%/100% of the votes of posters numbered 11-20. A big thank to everyone who entered. View it  Here. Could this be the winning poster

Maccanns have also gone

Cant wait to see what they come up with next.


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