Death by Family Courts

Tahla Ikram aged 17 months. You just want to kiss his little cheeks dont you? well you cant. He is DEAD! Closed family courts and the secrecey surrounding hearings mean authority officials have the safety net of unaccountability. If you need any proof of the failings of our Social Services or the damage that closed family courts result in , then carry on reading.

"The sheer scale of the injustice goes further than anyone can imagine"
We live in a country where at present a minority of gutless, ignorant and cruel individuals stand more unaccountable than ministers in our own government. An unaccountable minority making lives hell for thousands of families and their precious children each year. An unaccountable minority who escape prosecution for their perjurous crimes committed against innocent families in unaccountable family courts wrapped in secrecy. Unaccountable legal representatives who pretend to care right at the start only to deceive and ignore nearing the end. These are draconian laws, but made worse when twisted by local authority officials using a safety net of unaccountability.

Why are these children dying?
"Where's the justice for these children failed by secret professional thugs"

Aaron Gilbert aged 13 months

Chloe Thomas aged 14 weeks

John Smith aged 4
These are just a few of our children who have died due to the failings of our Social Services. Read their stories and many more
Social Services and the Family Courts are responsible for our childrens welfare. Decisions as to whether families stay together or seperate, some to never see each other again,are made in these very courts. That is why the family laws need to change and our courts need to open up. The secrecies need to stop so that real protection can be given.

While looking for adoptees who died at the hands of their adopters, I came accross the following website: I won't say another word, just see for yourself



Do you think so little is done to help because when you look and read those stories, anyone with a heart thinks:  this is far too big of a problem for anything to be done to fix it.

Apollo project

I think the problem is important not to be stopped by believing it is too big to solve. The problems of neglect, abuse and abandonment are huge and they can not be solved once and for all, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to make the world a safer and more loving place for children to grow up in. It's more a lack of effort than anything else.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine, discussing the short time span between the first rocket launched and the first person on the moon, which was around 25 years. In that short period of time "the world"  ie, the USA and the former USSR was focussed to achieve the unthinkable, put a person on the moon. Cleaning up the mess made in the care sector, I believe, requires an apollo project like dedication. I bet with that, the problems can be reduced to sad but rare cases.

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