Poor little bastards are we.

Cllr Shireen Ritchie, Cabinet Member for Family and Children's Services and the driving force behind Chelsea's middle class adoption team. What a woman and what a world she lives in.

Last year she kicked of the 'its the magic of being a family' campaign. She delighted the conservative women of Chelsea with her adventuress approach. Instead of the usual adoption events being held in the Town Hall she took the magic of adoption to the people. Brent Park Tesco in Neasden, was the first port of call. Where better to set up a stand to promote the magic of adoption. The check out at the local supermarket.

'It's the magic of being a family' had taken months of preparing (so we were told)Cllr Shireen Ritchie said: "It's very important to provide a permanent home for children when it is not possible for them to live with their own family. Children are the future and it is vital that we give every child the best possible opportunity in life." Then announced the final leg of the campaign. Centre Court Shopping Centre, Queens Road, Wimbledon, and then on to the foyer area at Tesco, Great Central Way, Neasden.

She was completely oblivious to the fact that the posters of children in need of a magic family looked like a marketing campaign for the up and coming in store Christmas grotto. She made another slight error of judgment
also in her search for magic mummies and daddies. The residence of her nice borough have their Nannies or Au pairs do the shopping at Tesco. Silly woman.

Did I mention that Cllr Shireen Ritchie, is also the mother in law of Madonna and step mother to Guy Ritchie non the less. She appeared on GMTV last week to highlight her adoption campaign. Being interviewed by the non too intelligent Fiona Phillips.

Fiona Phillips asked: “You have probably one of the most famous adopted little grandsons in the whole world now. How’s that all working out?”

“It’s working out very well,” Ritchie replied. “They’re wonderful and loving parents and he’s a very lucky little boy.”


Excuse me! well it goes some way in explaining just why adoptees always feel somewhat 'lucky' and grateful, similar to a sack full of puppies saved from the canal. Yes, lets hope little David appreciates how lucky he is to have his mum die and lose his remaining family. This woman has a voice in UK adoption and it is a voice that is heard. We un -grateful little bastards need to use our own voices and loudly demand the respect and the right to live without owing a debt of gratitude to any fucker that patted us on the head as we passed.


Cut it out!

By the way, on the bottom of the posters at the check-out, were there coupons to be had for future buyers seeking discounts towards these very special sad/happy faces in-need of giving parents?  That would make it a win-win proposition, wouldn't it?

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