Kvetching Over Madonna's Magnanimity


Is Madonna's idea of a mitzvah completely meshuggah? A rep for the red string-wearing pop icon is firing back at FoxNews.com's recent claims that she "conned" Gucci and UNICEF USA into participating in a fundraiser designed to fill the coffers of the Kabbalah organization.

Seems the luxury fashion firm is tossing a star-crammed soiree next month -- Sarah Jessica Parker and Salma Hayek will reportedly co-host -- to benefit both UNICEF and Madonna's Raising Malawi charity, which FOXNews labeled "a front" for the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.

"I think that the claims in the story are outrageous, they are incorrect, inaccurate, hurtful and malicious," Madonna's watchdog rep Liz Rosenberg rails to Women's Wear Daily. "The Raising Malawi organization is completely separate from the Kabbalah [Centre], and they are run as two separate organizations."

Raising Malawi, which bills itself as helping children of the poor African nation rise from "poverty to prosperity, sickness into health, powerlessness into self-empowerment" and is prominently featured on the front page of the Kabbalah Centre's Web site, is also accused of having an ulterior motive in its altruism, namely, "indoctrinating unsuspecting Malawi orphans into their brand of mysticism."


"And over there is where Mommy's assistants keeps her Kabbalah water precisely at room temperature... Or else."

Madonna's mouthpiece also brands this charge a load of hooey, insisting, "There are no religious lessons being taught to the children of Malawi." (Well, save perhaps for David Banda, who joined the up-with-Kabbalah Madonna-Ritchie clan in 2006.)

What's more, says the fervent flack, her supposedly Kabbalah water quaffing client is a total mensch.

"It's tragic, because Madonna has put her passion and love and money behind a project that is saving children's lives, giving them food, health care and schooling," maintains Rosenberg. "The money that is being raised at the Gucci benefit is being divided between UNICEF and Raising Malawi."

Gucci, for its part, denies it has been played for a schnook.

"The accusations are not true," the design house defends to WWD. "Proceeds from this event are specifically allocated to support programs for orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, including the building of a girls academy in Malawi."


Holy crap, I'm in a circle of celebrity calling-card-confusion!

Make it STOP!

First thing's first:  wasn't/isn't Madonna born and raised Catholic? 

So... her mother died of cancer?

She (Madonna), later in life, converted to a special-form of Judaism?

Eventually she had children of her own, and got married, but then also took a child from another woman, from a far away country, because that will make that child better, somehow, in the long-run.

Now selling Gucci, with other celebrities, and singing the praises of God's work, and health-care, will make Africa a better place, as Madonna lives in England, or America -- has she decided where her permanent home is yet?

Can someone please explain any/all of this to me, because I can't see how all this makes sense yet.

3 cheers for the ultimate Madonna-wanna-be

Well folks, if money and medicine can't bring back your momma, maybe a good fashion show can make you feel better about yourself.  Maybe that's the moral lesson in money buying happiness?

I wonder what they drink at those sort of functions? 


What's wrong with her own two residential back yards, in terms of helping mothers and children struck with AIDS and illness?  Is Africa the only nation affected with the disease?

That's what I don't get.  Why a celebrity picks a land that's far from her own home to become "more famous".  Help should begin at home, shouldn't it?

Personal interest

I wonder what Madonna would have done for Malawi, had she not been criticized so heavily in the media. From what I heard she spent 20 minutes in the orphanage, she bought David (what is his real name btw?) from. So much for her personal interest. I guess for a has been artist any news in good news.

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