Wide Horizons provided grant to Bal Anand


Bal Anand has identified an agricultural plot of land outside of Mumbai where they will construct a permanent home for their population of special needs children, who range in age from two to 22 years and require specialized resources. The planned facility will consist of separate living quarters for girls and boys, as well as a common building for dining, recreation and therapy. Fruit trees and other crops grow on the land, which will provide food as well as work opportunities for children who are able. Future structures may a shop from which the residents to sell the goods that grow on the land, as well as guest and volunteer accommodations.

The project is called "Umang," or "hope," and is currently still in its planning phases. WHFC intends to provide a significant financial contribution toward the construction and ongoing administration of the new facility. While we await further details, donors are welcome to earmark contributions to be allocated to this project once it is underway.

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