Congressional letter to Minister Mishra

Date: 2001-07-18

Dear Ms. Mishra:

I am contacting you on behalf of my constituents who are adopting children from India. There are nineteen Minnesota families that were adopting through ICSW Indian Council for Social Welfare) / Precious Moments when the government of Andhra Pradesh began their review of orphanages In the state.

Since the investigation began in late April, my constituents have had questions and concerns about the possibility of continuing the adoption process with the children who have been referred to them, Recently, your government announced lt will allow cases to continue where ’No Object on Certificates’ (NOC) have been issued. While this is good news, there are also five Families that do not have NOCs. These Families have had children referred to them and want to provide them with loving homes. It ls our hope that In the cases where children have been properly relinquished and Indian adoptlon law and procedures have been met, these Minnesota families will be able to adopt the children that have been referred to them.

Two of my constituents. Rob Ramer and Deborah McCLaren, will be traveling to India on Friday and will remain for one month. During this period, Mr. Ramer and Ms. McClaren hope to meet with Andhra Pradesh and Guild of Service officials and representatives of the Minnesota families adopting from ICSW/Preclous Moments. They hope to inquire about the process for completing the adoptions that have NOCs and discuss the prospect of processing non-NOC cases.

My constituents would be grateful for the opportunity to meet with you or a member of your staff to discuss this matter. If a meeting ls possible,` please contact: Mr. Ramer and Ms. McfClaren directly via e-mall at: or contact Loren Olson, a member of my staff. in my St. Paul office. You may also reach Loren by e-mall at:

thank you for your assistance.

Paul David Wellstone
United States Senator

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