Adoptions International, Inc. (Texas)

Organization type: Adoption Agency
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Jody HallExecutive Director
Olga SullivanDirector
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Adoptions International, Inc. (Texas)Participates inPrecious in HIS Sight, LLC
Adoptions International, Inc. (Texas)Cooperates withMIR Children's Foundation, Inc.
Adoptions International, Inc. (Texas)Cooperates withDar Gift Foundation
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Texas Department of Family and Protective ServicesLicensedAdoptions International, Inc. (Texas)
Department of International Adoptions, VietnamAccreditedAdoptions International, Inc. (Texas)
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Adoptions International, Inc. (Texas)Operates inHo Chi Min2008-09-01
Adoptions International, Inc. (Texas)Operates inBinh Duong2008-09-01
Adoptions International, Inc. (Texas)Operates inVietnam2008-09-01
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List of agencies with missing Russian post placement reports 2009-01-25
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this organization played in their placement
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Nina Hilt (Viktoria Valeryevna Bazhenova)Placement agency


10935 Estate Lane Suite 271
Dallas, Texas, 75238
United States
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