International Mission of HOpe facilitates Special Additions

Organization 2: 
Special Additions, Inc.

Special Additions, Inc., operates the Vietnam program through International Mission of Hope. Parents apply to Special Additions and complete the homestudy process. At this time, you should also apply for your passport and INS information. After you have a completed homestudy and INS approval, the final dossier is submitted to IMH and awaits referral.

The referral of children is made by IMH through Special Additions. At that time, the family accepts the child and waits for the child's documents. Documents and photo(s) of the child are then sent to the parent(s) and acceptance of the child is confirmed. At this time, fees are paid to IMH. The agency then sends the Statement of Understanding to IMH while the family waits for the child's I-600 clearance. During this time, IMH files the case with authorities in Viet Nam. This process usually takes IMH two to six months, depending on the province, because the case must obtain approval from:

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