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Video clips like these should be mandatory viewing for prospective infant adopters.
Good Bye

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The "Good-Bye" video was really  -- wow.

First-hand experience

It wasn't until I became pregnant that I realized just how deep my mom's love was for me, to even carry and birth me.

It wasn't until I was told to take my little girl home that I realized, "my God... my mom didn't get to do that, did she?"

With my first baby, I was in 7th heaven taking care of her.

With my second, my son... we had moved from our cozy little house into shaky crappy little apartment, in order to save money to buy a bigger house.  After delivery I developed Post Partum Depression. Thankfully I had a wonderful pediatrician who understood the hardships of going from one child to two, and understanding I had no family-help supporting me with this transition.  I remember her saying, "Having a newborn baby the second time-around isn't twice the work, it's 200 times the work, because it's no longer just you and your newborn.  It's a newborn, a child, and you."  [For more, please read ]


Yes, I was out-numbered, and it was overwhelming.

When the twins came around, I was numb, and on automatic.  Detachment, at that point, worked very much and well in my favor!

Watching the video of this poor new-mom saying good-bye to her baby... it is gut-wrenching to say the least.

I know how it feels to let my babies off without me... I could not imagine letting go, knowing it would be "forever".

WHY would anyone want to do that to a mommy? 



neophyte - words could never adequately describe it.  Maybe a video like this will give people who have absolutely no clue, just a little idea of the unspeakable horror of separation of a mother from her baby.  It's unthinkable.  The day I found this I watched it several times and sobbed through it each time. 

It makes no (human) sense how people allow such a thing to happen.

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