Frank Wolf

January 30, 1939
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H.R. 1464: North Korean Refugee Adoption Act of 2011Cosponsor2011-08-01
H.R. 1505: Birth Parent Assistance Act of 2009Cosponsor2009-03-23
H.R. 213: Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act of 2009Cosponsor2009-01-15
H.R. 3323: Children in Families First Act of 2013Cosponsor2013-11-18
H.R. 4143: Children in Families First Act of 2014Cosponsor2014-03-04
H.R. 471: Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act of 2007Cosponsor2007-01-12
H.R. 4986: North Korean Refugee Adoption Act of 2010Cosponsor2010-07-19
H.R. 5285: Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2014Cosponsor2014-09-08
H.R. 628: Helping Families Adopt Orphans ActCosponsor2007-01-31
H.Res. 24: Expressing the deep disappointment of the House of Representatives in the enactment by the Russia ...Cosponsor2013-02-25
Fellowship Foundation, Inc.Member
Republican PartyMember
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI)Member2015-01-03
H.R. 3070: Families for Orphans Act of 2009Cosponsor2009-09-22
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Frank WolfNominated as Angel in AdoptionStanton E. Phillips2006-09-01
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Frank WolfRepresentative ofVirginia1981-01-052015-01-03

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