Shall we buy one...

This is soooo funny! You can actually buy a CD: adoption volume 1 the songs we love. Hysterical. the songs include I Knew I Loved You - Jenee Wright Prince / by Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones/WB Music Corp.

2. From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours - Linsey Brinkerhoff / by Michael McLean/Shining Star Music, Inc.

3. Blessed - Rob Gardner / by Elton John & Bernie Taupin/WB Music Corp.

4. Silent Lullaby - Clarissa Dane / by Clarissa Dane

5. Your Song - Jenee Wright Prince / by Elton John & Bernie Taupin/ Universal Songs of Polygram

6. Angel - Linsey Brinkerhoff / by Sarah McLachlan/ Sony/ATV Songs LLC.

People actually gathered together to produce this bag of shite! and the worst thing is they (and others) genuinely believe the whole 'wonderful life' thing.  They either live in a land that my head aint reached yet or they live in ignorance and bliss! I cant stop laughing. Oh the beauty of it. Its going to be a hard hard slog bringing the likes of these nice people out of their sugar coated dream worlds. Bless them, we must be gentle with these people. They will no doubt need therapy when I've finished with them. It will be like telling them father christmas don't exist. Oooh where to start. I feel a song coming on. Mother Dearest by good old Daniel O'Donnell.

Perhaps we should make a CD. What should we put on it : Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep... and I don't want to hear that you are too young to remember that one! haha.

1. Oh mother of mine.

2 Anarchy in the UK (adoptee uprising)

4. Londons calling (for the mass culling of adopter goodies)

5. I predict a riot.

anyone care to add some. The PoundPup rocks!


Add-ins... from your soul-sista across the pond

6.  Oh Soul-a-Mia (mother, where can you be-a?)

7. This Little Heart of Mine (it ain't really mine)

8. How Much is That Doggie in the Window?  [had to slip that classic in there] 

9. 99 Bastard Babies to Broker (The babies "move-over" drinking song)

10.  If I Hadn't Had a Hammer, I Wouldn't Be In The Slammer

... ok, so they're spoofs, but I can't possibly take any of this crap seriously anymore.

I heard today on the radio an advertisement for adoption through a 1-800 number.  Yes, people can call a toll-free number to inquire how to adopt a wanting, waiting child to complete the lives of waiting and wanting adults.

How cozy!  Just in time for the holiday season!

Cue the music Tina!

Ah let them enjoy the happy

Ah let them enjoy the happy thoughts while they still can. When the adopted little shit arrives they will be sleeping with one eye open and a lock on their bedroom door.The music alone will tip the kid over the edge haha.
On a serious note though I found an excellent site today (just cant find it again). It is for people who are adopting, now, before you shout 'off with their heads' you should take a look (when I find it!). The person running it has got it spot on. Lets be realistic adoption ain't going anywhere yet. While we are getting the message out for change the children are still being affected. She knows her stuff and her site advocates the need for change. and is trying to educate people on the illegal adoption practices but best of all she lets them know loud and clear  that while they are wanting to celebrate gotcha day (she has fought to change the word) as a day of family celebration, for the child it will always be a day of loss. Oh I should of said, its inter-country adoption. I need to find it again because I learnt a thing or two. If there is going to be an adoption it has to be done right. Their is no room for anything underhand or illegal. She cant stress enough to potential adopters the importance of them doing everything legal and right, for instance not having a legal interpreter can make the difference between the adoption or a failed to complete adoption. it only takes one little error on a form (all in native language) and the adoption is stopped and the child will never be available for adoption again and will have to remain in an institution (china) for ever! Anyway Ive sung the enemies praises enough haha but try and take a look. Adopters are more likely to listen to her because shes adopted children herself than to listen to an ungrateful little bastard like me or you! I feel a song coming on. 'Onwards christian soldiers going out to war'! well think that's how it goes.
god my fingers are aching. did you get my email about down loading that program and instructions,


Contrary to my sarcasm, I wholly support the responsible placement of children.  What person wouldn't?  My issues revolve around long-term care and concern (not typically given) to and for that child.  When a child is removed from his family - for whatever reason - extra care needs to go into his future.  Agencies responsible for this placement owe it to the chid and parents that life-long assistance will be given regarding health needs and legal issues that arise as a result of child-transfer.

It's a risk agencies have to take, and the responsible ones need to be held accountable for their actions.  A child's future is in their hands, each time they accept money in exchange of a human life.

Soap-box message over, "Gotcha Day"... I think the term is appropriate, and one of the few PAL words that says it like it is.  You can almost hear the victorious squeal, cantcha?

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