a new word

The touched by adoption post got me thinking (oh my head hurts haha). What a stupid pathetic lame saying. It is something a saint would say seeing and believing adoption is a truly beautiful thing. Get real. When I think of the word touched I think touched by an angel (god I love that program) or 'touched' in the head, a scouse saying for someone who is nuts, the gentle brush of a butterflies wing in the summer time.

There must be a better word than touched... I need to think


Straight Face

Oh how I love that one!!!!  The straight-face on the moral-dude is especially funny because it can also look like a medical/surgical mask... as if he's afraid to catch the cooties by asking the RAD Child "Tell me, where does it hurt, as I probe your primal wound"


Been there, done that, and am exhasted by the stupidity of others when there is a complete lack of connection made between Cause and Effect.


Tina, you oughtta be a docta, or at the very least, a delegate for us Pound Pups.  One day, when we grow-up, and become a force worthy of real recognition, I nominate you as The UK Voice of the Wounded Womb.


I wish I was the voice for

I wish I was the voice for the UK but even more I wish people would HEAR me!

hearing and seeing

I do hear you Tina and I see your creations and I love them.


Good one! Whom do we credit?

Pound Pup Legacy