catch me if you can


Kerry, just had to tell you,

Kerry, just had to tell you, my son has just come in to show me his tattoo he has just had on his neck. He was standing behind me I didn't realise he was looking at what I was doing. ' Ah who's that little baby, looks a right bruiser'!. He has just come back in the room and asked to see it again. He is having a fit now because he has just realised its him! He's 21 now and has just said if Im trying to put him up for adoption He wants it known he has to be breast fed!

Just like a man!

Tit for tat thinks the bastard brat, eh?

He must take after HIS father, too!


I imagine all he'll find is air and dust in an empty bust, donchya think?

Tina, I think I found my kindred drinking partner in you!  Cheers to our sick sense of humour!   


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