Hillary Rodham Clinton

October 26, 1947
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Democratic PartyMember
National Council for Adoption (NCFA)Awarded by1997-00-00
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI)Member2003-01-032009-01-21
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Hillary Rodham ClintonNominated as Angel in AdoptionJeanine Castagna2008-09-01
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Bill ClintonMarried toHillary Rodham Clinton
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Hillary Rodham ClintonSenator ofNew York2001-01-032009-01-21
Hillary Rodham ClintonSecretary of state ofUnited States of America2009-01-212013-02-01
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Hillary Clinton and the Mother Teresa Home for Infant Children2010-02-27
The Abandoned Orphanage: Hillary Clinton’s Mother Teresa Moment2010-02-12
Words and deeds2010-02-09
"I'm watching her grow up from far away"- Flint woman waits two years for daughter she loves in Kyrgyzstan2010-01-08
Congressional letter to Secretary of State Clinton regarding adoption from Guatemala2009-09-01
Congressional letter to Condoleezza Rice related to Vietnam2008-07-07
Congressional letter to Ann M. Veneman and Manuel Manrique of Unicef2007-10-24
Congressional letter to Oscar Berger Perdomo2007-10-24
Congressional letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell and Commissioner James Ziglar about Cambodia2002-02-14
Congressional letter to Commissioner Ziglar (Feb. 2002)2002-02-06
All I ever did was arrange adoptions for mothers who would otherwise1995-04-04

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