If they could..



That's funny!!!

When I was writing to some members from Bastard Nation, I had tons of fun with the word play I had regarding The Bastards joining the new kids on the internet-block, who thought of themselves as the bitches and sons of bitches of the world.  [Why is it Americans tend to forget adoptees are not all born in America?!]

Kudos to Tina from the UK... you sure do know your shit, doncha!!


I bet my kids wouldn't think

I bet my kids wouldn't think it funny because its them in the photos' ssshhhh!

My kids would know better...

and would expect such an antic coming from me, the woman who reminds them:  If not for ME, you would not be here in front of me annoying the hell out of me, so run and pray I don't rip you limb from limb.

One day we were driving and my second one asked, "Mom, do you have a favorite?"

My reply was, "Of course... the one who annoys me the least".

They measure my love by knowing it would take a tremendous amount of anger to leave them in the middle of the highway, like I often tell them I will do if they don't start behaving like nice normal wll-behaved children.  [I blame their father for their unruly animalistic ways!]

My children know first-hand, Mommy was left by two sets of parents.  They also know I could never do such a thing to my own flesh and blood.

A mommy would never knowingly hurt her own babies, simply because they ARE extensions of her own self.  If she does hurt them, it must be an extreme case, one that needs deep, probing investigation, because I truly believe a woman is often not alone in crimes against a child.  Desperate is what desperate does, as nature proves over and over again.

The female adoptee who is blessed to experience pregnancy is cursed with this realization.

How sad the industrialization of Child Care, and the state of disrepair it now represents for SO MANY has become for so many nations, and so many people.  It's all too sad how many broken spirts are the final by-product of broken families.  What is the root cause to this?  Anyone dare to answer that simple baby of a question?

If only they - The Outsiders - took the time to read our written words...

I wonder:  would it make a difference?

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