Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.

Closed down in 2002 following adoption scandal Vietnam.
Organization type: Adoption Agency
Terminated: 2002-01-01
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Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.FacilitatesA New Arrival
Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.Renamed intoAdoption Blessings Worldwide, Inc.
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International Mission of Hope - Vietnam (IMHV)FacilitatesTedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.Vietnam
AMREXFacilitatesTedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.
A New Arrival Cooperates withTedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.2002-09-01
terrymeeuwsen.comListsTedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.
Project FaithFacilitatesTedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.
Adoption Blessings Worldwide, Inc.Part ofTedi Bear Adoptions, Inc.2008-06-00
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this organization
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Tedi Bear Adoptions Florida State registration
Adoption Blessings World Wide/Tedi Bear Adoptions Georgia state registration
Carrie West's story
'It's what God wants' 1998-08-17
Baby adoptions bring new life across an ocean 1999-06-13
Tedi Bear Adoptions, Inc. China Adoption Program 1999-08-28
TBA's China Program1999-10-10
Hardin v. Tedi Bear Adoptions1999-12-20
Coming to America2000-07-04
A Growth Investment2000-09-16
TediBear Adoptions IRS-990 1999, 2000, 20012001-06-30
Kennedy Family Adoption Story2002-00-00
Vietnam adoption nightmares2002-09-17
Alleging fraud, state moves to close adoption agency 2002-11-20
Adminstrative Complaint 2002-12-12
TediBear Staff Listing2003-04-17
Pitfalls for Parents 2005-06-06
ABW IRS-990 20052005-06-30
In Shadow Of Adoption 2005-08-21
Adoption Blessings Worldwide / relicense 062006-01-01
Adoption Blessings Worldwide / relicense 072007-01-01
Adoption Blessings Worldwide complaint 3_072007-03-01
ABW IRS-990 2006 20072007-06-30
Adoption Blessings Worldwide "Cease and desist" order2008-05-15
Adoption Agency Under Investigation Again2008-05-22
Adoption Agency Under Investigation--Part Two2008-05-23
Embattled Adoption Agency Gives Up Its License2008-07-18
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
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Vietnam - Mai-Ly Latrace/Project Faith caseAdoption agency


Ponte Vedra Beach
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, 32004
United States
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