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Yunona USA

Yunona closed down in 2006.
Website: Yunona USA
Related persons
People working for or related to this organization
Personsort iconPositionCountryFromTo
Vladimir ShelchkovFacilitator for2000-01-01
Vladimir JerdevFacilitator for
Vinola HumphreyEmployed by2004-01-30
Victor AikeyEmployed by
Vanessa TuckerEmployed by
Valery Kudina Employed by
Svetlana V EhrhartEmployed by
Peter DremovFacilitator for1997-00-00
Nicholas A Sims (aka Nick Sims)Incorporator of
Nicholas A Sims (aka Nick Sims)Vice President2005-11-30
Natasha MikhalchenkoEmployed by
Nana SaakovaEmployed by
Melissa ThompsonEmployed by
Mai Ly LaTraceFacilitator for
Elena KononenkoEmployed by
Larissa MarobianEmployed by
Lana EtinEmployed by
Ivan JerdevPresident
Irina BogdanovaFacilitator for
Igor KuzminFacilitator for1999-00-00
Igor DonskovFacilitator for1998-01-01
Gennadi BorisovFacilitator for2000-00-00
Elina ValievEmployed by2004-00-00
Elena KaradjovEmployed by
Anna FastenkoEmployed by
Andrei PreobrazhenskiFacilitator for2001-01-01
Andrei OchkurenkoFacilitator for
Anatoli JerdevFacilitator for
Alla HalloranEmployed by
Alina AfinogenovaEmployed by
Alexei MannanikovFacilitator for
Alex NikolenkoEmployed by1995-00-002000-00-00
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Organizations this is organization is related to
Organization1sort iconAsOrganization2CountryFromTo
Yunona USACooperates withYunona Orphan Relief Fund (Yunona ORFUND)
Yunona USACooperates withYunona Inc
Related organisations (from)
Organizations that are related to this organization
Organization_1sort iconAsOrganization_2CountryFromTo
Project FaithFacilitatesYunona USA
Christian World Adoption (CWA)Umbrellas forYunona USA2006-00-00
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Countries, states or provinces this organization is related to
Organizationsort iconLinkCountryFromTo
Yunona USAOperates inRussian Federation
Yunona USAOperates inGuatemala
Yunona USAOperates inKazakhstan
Yunona USAOperates inUkraine
News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this organization
DocumentDatesort icon
Adoption reform bill set to launch a year after passage2007-11-26
A Taste of Family Life in U.S., but Adoption Is in Limbo2007-01-13
False Promises: Adoptive Parents with No Children 2006-10-08
Napa case spurs new law on adoptions2006-10-03
DA disappointed by sale price of Yunona leader's home2006-08-01
Adoption firm loses civil case2006-07-16
Judge asks for more evidence in adoption agency fraud case2006-06-11
Adoption firms may face new hurdles2006-04-04
Who's running adoption probe?2006-02-25
Napa Police, FBI investigate fraud at Yunona adoption firm; victims continue to emerge2006-02-10
Legal loopholes open door for adoption abuse2006-01-30
Leader of Napa adoption agency may be under arrest2006-01-26
Internet Adoption2006-01-25
On 'bribes' and the international adoption business [letter to the editor]2006-01-20
District attorney furthers adoption investigation2006-01-17
DA files suit against adoption firm2006-01-10
Profile: Scams plague efforts to adopt beyond borders 2006-01-08
Napa adoption firm closes under fire2006-01-07
Officers raid Napa adoption agency2005-12-22
YUNONA (& AFFILIATED ENTITIES) Officers raid Napa adoption agency2005-12-20
Preying on Parents 2005-10-01
Yunona - various subsites2004-10-09
Yunona Guatemala Program2004-08-18
Yunona Florida Registration documents2004-07-27
Note about Office reorganization at Yunona from website2004-01-30
Kazakhstan in Touch2003-10-07
Miles no barrier to adoption 2003-02-05
Yunona California Incorporation document2002-11-14
The Small Miracles of Summer2002-08-08
Yunona Inc of Colorado Incorporation document1999-04-27
Yunona Orphan Relief Fund incorporation document1998-05-26
Agencies run by former Yunona relief fund affiliate employees
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this organization played in their placement
Titlesort iconRole
Alex Pavlis (Alexei Vasilovich Geiko)Placement agency
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
Titlesort iconRole
Russia - Yunona: Ivan Jerdev and Vladimir Jerdev caseAdoption agency


1612 Jefferson Street
Napa, California
United States
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