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Our Adoption Advocacy fund was begun out of pure necessity. We never sought to become involved in Romanian law or politics, and we have been solely interested in sponsoring Romanian ministries among children. However, when Romania bowed to EU pressure and passed a new set of "child welfare" laws in June 2004, we suddenly saw our primary ministry, Hope House Family Center, crippled in its efforts to rescue children.

Even worse than the effect on our ministries has been the effect of this new law on Romania's children. International adoption has been banned, and domestic adoption has been severely restricted. Children who could have been adopted -- either internationally or within Romania -- are now stuck in a legal "no man's land," abandoned in hospitals, doomed to a life of impermanence in foster care, or perhaps worst of all, heartlessly sent back to live with their neglectful birth families with almost no supervision by social workers.

Romania Reborn has teamed up with For the Children S.O.S., a small, grassroots organization formed specifically to fight this new law. Chaired by adoptive mother Linda Robak, For the Children S.O.S. has organized hearings in both the U.S. government and the European Parliament, facilitated numerous stories in the U.S. and international media, and worked to pressure government leaders to change this ill-advised law.

This battle is ongoing, and the Romanian government stubbornly refuses to consider the best interests of its children. However, we believe progress is being made, and that truth and the right are on our side.

No general funds are funneled to Adoption Advocacy. Only designated funds will go to support these efforts. To make a donation, visit our "How to Help" page, and be sure to designate your gift for "Adoption Advocacy."

In the near future, we plan to add a complete description of the outrageous history of the law, the problems in the law, and links to news articles on this topic. Please return soon for more!

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