Creche Enfant de l'Jesus facilitates Int Child Foundation with children from Haiti


Application Fee: $200 (if ICF prepared your Home Study, this was already paid)

Home Study: ICF Home Study Fee is $1,000, (plus the Application fee); or as set by your home study agency

USCIS Fees: I-600A fee is $750 per applicant including fingerprints; additional fingerprints for spouse or other adults living in the household are $80

Agency Fee: $4,800; this is broken into two payments; the first is $2,800, which is paid at the beginning of your adoption and a 2nd payment of $2,000 is paid with the submission of your dossier.


Foyer de Sion Fees: $8,000, which includes the Coordinator/Liaison Fee ($2,000) and having your dossier authenticated at the Haiti Consulate; if you wish to adopt a sibling or second child, the additional adoption fee is $5,000.

Creche de l'Enfant Jesus Fees: $7,900, and does not include having your dossier authenticated at the Haiti Consulate; the additional cost if you wish to adopt a sibling or second child, is $6,500. Haitian Certification, postage and translation is $375.

Paid upon submission of Dossier

Agency Fee 2nd Payment of $2,000

Haitian Consulate Certification Fees, if applicable

Paid upon acceptance of Referral

The Foreign & Orphanage fees are paid upon acceptance of your referral.

DNA Fee: $0-$950, depending upon situation and number of parents and children tested

Paid in Haiti

US Embassy Child Visa Fee: $380

US Embassy Medical Fee: $30; however, the medical fee may be higher if you are adopting an older child, as vaccinations may be required, about $200

Travel Costs vary widely. Your airfare is about $750 per adult. Hotels in Haiti are about $80-$100 night. Families generally travel in small groups, with Foyer de Sion, or independently, with Creche de l'Enfant Jesus. In-country staff assist with connections between the airport and hotels and orphanages. We do request that you follow our travel instructions closely, for your own safety and for the well-being of the children at the orphanages. When staying at Creche de l'Enfant Jesus, families pay $45 per person per night for lodging and meals, and a fee for trips to Ti Mache from the airport.



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