Hey where am I?

This forum looks very interesting, this is the first I heard about it, although the name freaked me out a bit, reminded me of some dim and gruesome child hood toy, but  

Who are you all? 

I am Joy, Such a Joy, Double-goer (blog name) and Joysdivision21, I think that is the extent of my on line names if any of you know me.


Origins, by the pound

Hi Joy...

I would have replied sooner, but I've been in an abysmal state of mind, lately.  [Holidays do that to a Pound Pup who has been orphaned times two by a Family of none].  I am Kerry/Usedtobe from former Adoptee support groupings.  Your question "who are you all?"  is the loaded-gun I've been needing to help define the mission of this web-site... so thank you for blowing my mind with your triggering question. 

More for my own sake, than any one else's, I will slowly introduce you to the meaning behind the label 'Pound Pup'. 

Almost two years ago, I was introduced to a fellow adoptee through my own writing on a web-site that advertised itself as a Support Group for Adoptees.  At the time, I had recently discovered The Truth about the lies told to me by my previous owners, and was in desperate need of real understanding support.  Based on the limited options the search engines provided me (the repeated bad story of futile searching in Our Lives, eh?), I began posting my thoughts and experiences in formal forum appeal, hoping SOMEONE would Get what I was in need of Finding.  Understanding.   

It did not take me long to discover this Adoptee Support Group was little more than an area of Adoption Re-Sourcing, as responses and replies seemed far too cheer-leading for questions I'd ask for my own mind's clearing.  It amazes me, looking back (as We all do... return to the source of pain), those Early Posts of mine really read as the newbie I was to the world of Pound Pup Avoidance.  With meek, sincere gratitude and thankful relief, I poured my story to a world of strangers who Knew what it feels like to be purchased by another human being, and call that purchaser, Mom.  However, new to my new-found discovery, was the realization that not ALL Adoptees had it as bad as I did.  Hmmm.  OK... I can appreciate that... but can the same be said about my opinion, stories, questions and need for answers be equally appreciated and respected by those who claim to offer support to "all adoptees who have been welcomed by the group"?  Only through private messages and emails, because the Public Postings had other issues with the likes of Me and My Writings.  I was a Trouble-Maker.  I asked too many Questions, that made too many people Uncomfortable. 

Adoptee Support became a two-sided story, in itself.  The more I Questioned, the more private responses I got from those who Understood my sentiments of feeling like a dog put in a pound, waiting to be Chosen by those who could care about a runt such as myself.  And yet, the more private the responses I got, the more public the shaming and shunning I was shown by The Authorities ruling an Adoption web-of-lies-and-life-cycles. 

It's a cut-throat dog-eat-dog world out there, isn't it?   

I was banned twice, by the same group of Adoptee Supporters.  (With Support like That, who needs to pay for a Bad Therapist?  Bartender??)  I see those bannings now as An Honor, I proudly admit, because it proved to those who have read me well, I was indeed, Right about Our Need to ask more Questions, and not assume the Answers given by those who claim to know and understand our issues are being truthful.  Ironic isn't it?  Give half-truths, falsified documents, and lies about the child's parentage, but accept no Questions that reveal such practices.  


Since my Formal Quest for Understanding began, I have learned many little dirty secrets that are common practice in the underworld of Baby Selling.  Those in power and money-making agendas need to censor these outbreaks of truth seekers, because The Truth of what has been done in the name of greed IS SHAMEFUL, and the need for Answers is great.  Period. The day BOTH sides of a story cannot be told to keep people well-informed is the day people need to stop and ask the simple question:  "What are they afraid of Us discovering?  The Truth?"  

Pound Pup Legacy is just that, the legacy of Truth being told by those not afraid to tell their story, no matter how good, bad or ugly it really is.  Truth can never hurt the well-being of a person as much as lies do.... as we who have been victimized by the biggest lie sold, (ever), can tell.  Pound Pup Legacy was created so ALL people hurt by those who wish to Own (what was not freely Given) can post, without the fear of further banishment. 

As for myself, and my style of writing goes, My outlook is simple:  WE did not ask to be born.  WE did not ask to be Sold.  WE HAVE QUESTIONS, and We deserve the opportunity to tell those who Have what it's like to live a life based on being a Have Not.  The Truth must be told, in it's entirety... otherwise history will just keep repeating itself, donchya think? 

~Kerry, once called Wanda Dawn by Blanche


Good afternoon Joy.  (Hey...at least it's afternoon when I'm writing this).

Let me add to Kerry's comment on the term pound pup (I hope you don't mind Kerry).  When I was growing up and tried to "visualize" my adoption.  I visualized my parents going down to the child pound and "picking out" their new child from the litter left behind.  Although this was not actually the case, the image still remained and is an easy analogy to describe the adoption process.

Anyway...nice to meet you Joy.  I'm originalpup.  Although, I'm not sure why I used that name...there were many before me and there will be many after me.


Pound Pup Legacy