Family for You

SInce 9 January 2008 Family for You has suspended placements.
Organization type: Adoption Agency
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Organization1sort iconAsOrganization2CountryFromTo
Family for YouMember ofEuradopt2008-02-00
Family for YouFoundedChild Care Centre (CCC), Ethiopia2006-02-01
Family for YouSponsor ofPreet Mandir
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Organization_1sort iconAsOrganization_2CountryFromTo
AMREXFacilitatesFamily for You
Bundesministerium für Justiz (Federal Ministry of Justice), AustriaAccreditedFamily for You
Child Care Centre (CCC), EthiopiaFacilitatesFamily for You
Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA)AccreditedFamily for You
Crossroads Adoption Services Cooperates withFamily for You
Preet MandirFacilitatesFamily for You
Impilo Place of SafetyFacilitatesFamily for You
Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) PhilippinesAccreditedFamily for You
The Love of Christ Ministries (TLC)FacilitatesFamily for You
Comitetului pentru Infiere a Moldovei (The Moldovan Adoption Committee) AccreditedFamily for You2005-10-00
Precious MomentsFacilitatesFamily for You
Preet MandirFacilitatesFamily for You
Sele Enat Mahiber, EthiopiaFacilitatesFamily for You
Centre for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth, Slovak RepublicAccreditedFamily for You
Tesfaye - Hoffnung für äthiopische KinderCooperates withFamily for You2008-02-01
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
Titlesort iconRole
Ethiopia - Eskedar TsegayeAdoption agency
Ethiopia - Eyob Mesfin GebremichaelAdoption agency


Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 8/1/16
Vienna, Wien, A-1010


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