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Welcome to the South Korea adoption program. Growing your family through intercountry adoption is an incredible journey, and we consider it a privilege to work with you. Bethany’s South Korea team is committed to providing you with the resources you will need.

Our team is dedicated to the children in South Korea and to you, the adoptive family. We hope that your adoption experience will have a powerfully positive impact on your life.

Our South Korea adoption program began in 1982. Bethany is licensed to place healthy infants from South Korea into adoptive homes in five states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and Georgia, in other states with a Bethany Office, we can place children with special placement needs.

Bethany adoptions in South Korea are processed through Holt International Children's Services in Seoul. Bethany Christian Services has a full-service South Korean adoption program. Children are relinquished to Holt Children’s Services, who then matches a child with each waiting family. On average, the children can be 8 to 12 months old at placement and typically, more boys are referred than girls. Most of the children are healthy, while others have special placement needs that may qualify them as Children of Promise.
We encourage you to contact your nearest Bethany branch for assistance.

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