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silent weak sister behind the ears WinstonrahEnna Isabel Barreto9 weeks 2 days
altered WinstonrahSwarbrick siblings10 weeks 5 days
newfangled WinstonrahFive children adopted by Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock9 weeks 6 days
unripe WinstonrahGirl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton5 weeks 6 days
still in diapers WinstonrahAdoptees dress up to raise awareness3 weeks 5 days
altered WinstonrahGirl adopted by Stephen L and Kathryn A Truex6 weeks 3 hours
unripe WinstonrahEthan, Seth, Mira, Eleanor Sueppel11 weeks 6 days
latest WinstonrahChild Trafficking Major Concern After Quake5 weeks 6 days
firsthand WinstonrahGirl adopted by Anna T Rufo9 weeks 6 days
na‹ve WinstonrahGirl adopted by Eva Maria Hofer11 weeks 6 days
latest WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries7 weeks 3 days
firsthand WinstonrahAdoption scandal sheds light on orphanages' struggle7 weeks 2 days
altered Winstonrah76+ Children adopted by Diane and Dennis Nason5 weeks 6 days
unruffled shifting behind the ears WinstonrahUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions5 weeks 6 days
today's WinstonrahState decision suspends adoptions from Vietnam3 weeks 5 days
alternate WinstonrahRussia, U.S. to sign adoption treaty in Washington by mid-July - ombudsman3 weeks 5 days
heap WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries9 weeks 6 days
virgin WinstonrahSwarbrick siblings11 weeks 4 days
unripe WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries6 weeks 4 hours
prideful WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries3 weeks 6 days
latest WinstonrahIs there a link between NHS-funded IVF and the adoption crisis? A response to Cristina Odone 5 weeks 6 days
bright-eyed WinstonrahQuestion Of Identity -- American Adoptees Born In Korea Search For Their Cultural Roots In Second Homeland7 weeks 2 days
surrogate WinstonrahGirl adopted by Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler6 weeks 3 hours
junior WinstonrahHee Ja Byun (or Hee Ja Byan) aka Lisa9 weeks 6 days

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