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unruffled erratic behind the ears WinstonrahRussia, U.S. to sign adoption treaty in Washington by mid-July - ombudsman15 weeks 2 days
altered WinstonrahEllana Lin17 weeks 2 days
clear WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries15 weeks 3 days
unused WinstonrahEmma Mei Alvey (Mei Fu Ping)17 weeks 6 days
firsthand WinstonrahEarthquake orphan appeal: Do not adopt earthquake orphans15 weeks 2 days
altered WinstonrahFor Guatemala Adult Adoptees taken during the Civil War11 weeks 5 days
today's WinstonrahGirl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton15 weeks 2 days
altered WinstonrahBenjamin Yhip13 weeks 6 days
altered WinstonrahEnna Isabel Barreto18 weeks 5 days
unskilled WinstonrahMia Depaillat11 weeks 5 days
childish WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries17 weeks 6 days
mint WinstonrahSwarbrick siblings19 weeks 4 days
virgin WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries14 weeks 18 min
altered Winstonrah76+ Children adopted by Diane and Dennis Nason11 weeks 5 days
supplemental WinstonrahBoy adopted by Nakia Brice13 weeks 6 days
today's WinstonrahLength-of-stay in a foreign country15 weeks 2 days
unripe WinstonrahGirl adopted by Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler15 weeks 3 days
young WinstonrahCall us mommy and daddy11 weeks 5 days
supplemental WinstonrahIs there a link between NHS-funded IVF and the adoption crisis? A response to Cristina Odone 11 weeks 5 days
cool off showery behind the ears WinstonrahGirl adopted by Anna T Rufo13 weeks 6 days
altered WinstonrahJoshua Pinckney15 weeks 2 days
firsthand WinstonrahTangled adoption suit heads to trial11 weeks 5 days
brazen WinstonrahAdoption Search Discoveries19 weeks 6 days
fresh WinstonrahGirl adopted by Eva Maria Hofer13 weeks 6 days
unripe WinstonrahCICIG will investigate one thousand adoption records who are in-process11 weeks 5 days

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