abuse in child placement - All comments list

TitleAuthorsort iconPostDate
altered WinstonrahDennis Craig Jurgens (Dennis Craig Puckett)2 weeks 2 days
altered WinstonrahChild adopted by couple from Medina, Ohio2 days 15 hours
modern WinstonrahDetails released on child abuse arrest in North Newton2 weeks 2 days
unruffled timorous behind the ears WinstonrahDominiqua Bryant2 weeks 13 hours
virgin WinstonrahSwarbrick siblings2 weeks 2 days
altered WinstonrahLavender's Adoption Days2 weeks 11 hours
altered WinstonrahStory of abuse unfolds1 week 1 day
latest WinstonrahElsa Garcia aka Esther Alice Combs2 days 18 hours
altered WinstonrahThree children adopted by Jacqueline Ferguson2 days 15 hours
unripe WinstonrahTwo girls adopted by Stephen Darrell Taylor2 weeks 2 days
childish WinstonrahDennis Craig Jurgens (Dennis Craig Puckett)2 days 18 hours
inexperienced WinstonrahBoy adopted by Tara McNeill Palajac2 weeks 2 days
altered WinstonrahFive children adopted by Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock1 week 1 day
today's WinstonrahGirls adopted and fostered by Joe David Lujan and wife1 week 1 day
today's WinstonrahGirl adopted by Aaron and Linda Mann2 weeks 2 days
firsthand WinstonrahFrank and Catherine Voegtlin1 week 1 day
latest WinstonrahStory of abuse unfolds2 days 18 hours
latest WinstonrahBoy adopted by Kimberly Durlin2 weeks 10 hours
altered WinstonrahGirl adopted by couple from Wichita, Ka2 weeks 2 days
unsophisticated WinstonrahGirl adopted by Dorothea Vega2 weeks 10 hours
bright-eyed WinstonrahStory of abuse unfolds2 weeks 13 hours
na‹ve WinstonrahGirl adopted by Lian2 weeks 2 days
firsthand WinstonrahFive children adopted Bernie and Melissa Harmon1 week 1 day
till showery behind the ears WinstonrahChildren adopted by a St Francis couple2 days 17 hours
sassy WinstonrahBoy adopted by Eric and Angela Corcoran2 weeks 2 days

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