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some perspective JaredFruits of Ethiopia - A study on intercountry adoption in Ethiopia5 years 18 weeks
Some roundabout way to answer your questions Niels'Stolen babies' adoption racket7 years 44 weeks
Some things I don't understand NielsBaby Exporting Nation: The Two Faces of Inter-Country Adoption8 years 3 weeks
some things you can't argue with almost_humanThe lies behind my adoption7 years 51 weeks
some thoughts NielsReviewing Jedd Medefind's response to "The Evangelical Adoption Crusade"5 years 8 weeks
something about your chosen location... KerryGiving voice to a child7 years 49 weeks
Something else to watch KerryPavel Astakhov: Russia with no orphans - such it will be 4 years 25 weeks
sometimes i am envious that almost_humanLiving in an orphanage7 years 48 weeks
Somone's been complaining? FracturedFairytaleEthiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent5 years 14 weeks
Sorry .. b.Meeting the First Family: what are these AP's thinking?5 years 3 weeks
Sorry, I meant to say . . . NRBAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare3 years 5 weeks
Sorry, my post was a response to Niels, not Kerry NRBAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare3 years 5 weeks
sorry... TeddyAdoption Myths, and Realities5 years 7 weeks
Sounds Like TeddyWhen is adoption an acceptable option?7 years 49 weeks
sounds like the Hague should almost_humanNA talks on introducing Hague rules on adoption7 years 48 weeks
Source - Hans van Hooff LuluA Family for Every Child: International Adoption of American Children in the Netherlands6 years 20 weeks
Sources and Solutions KerryRumor Queen & The Dangerous Desire to Adopt a Haitian Baby5 years 32 weeks
South Korea Debates International Adoption LuluSaints or sinners? You decide.7 years 46 weeks
Southern Baptist Convention Marion_CullenWhat WILL they do next?6 years 20 weeks
special needs child! KristineWhen is adoption an acceptable option?7 years 48 weeks
Special Needs, case by case KerryKatherine Heigl and Josh Kelley are among growing number of parents adopting special needs children6 years 38 weeks
speculation v reality NielsAre international adoption critics really wrong?6 years 41 weeks
Spinning lies AnonymousShoot the messenger5 years 6 weeks
Spinning the story AnonymousShoot the messenger5 years 6 weeks
stand still NielsRethinking Consent to Adoption6 years 25 weeks

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