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Greek websites to help locate family members Efstathia MMy Greek Adoption11 years 47 weeks
Harry Diavatis Has Passed Away Linda Carol TrotterMy Greek Adoption5 years 30 weeks
He flat, guided unrelated logic anaesthetist. oguwsuqinoMy Greek Adoption2 years 46 weeks
Heat dacarbazine prefers reveal angiomas, returns launched. ijologxMy Greek Adoption2 years 46 weeks
Hello webmaster fabiannoFuture uncertain for children in Thai baby scam.3 years 23 weeks
Hello webmaster marcooLong Scattered, Adoptees Search for Lost Family3 years 22 weeks
Hello webmaster felicjanooAdoptee From Black Market Ring Finds Family3 years 23 weeks
Hi admin marcooOkla. Man Learns He Was Sold As Baby3 years 23 weeks
Hi I would like to know more AnonymousMy Greek Adoption5 years 28 weeks
Hi i'm foot fan 70AlfonsoMy Greek Adoption6 years 5 days
Hi roula. I am a historian, AnonymousMy Greek Adoption11 years 51 weeks
Hi TracyThe boy was born in steveMy Greek Adoption11 years 27 weeks
Hi webmaster fabiannoMaybe the media will make the mother of all adoption scams much bigger news3 years 23 weeks
Hi webmaster marianooExploring cross-border adoptions 3 years 23 weeks
Hi, do you by any chance AnonymousMy Greek Adoption2 years 36 weeks
hoonoinduddy fcpws pharmaceptica.comMy Greek Adoption2 years 12 weeks
hot vietnamese girls LouisgcdMy Greek Adoption1 year 28 weeks
how i got ingormation DeeMy Greek Adoption12 years 43 weeks GREEK andreas georgiouMy Greek Adoption6 years 35 weeks
i am a black market baby roulaMy Greek Adoption12 years 22 weeks
I am an adoptee that lived anonymousMy Greek Adoption14 years 4 weeks
i am goin through the same AnonymousMy Greek Adoption12 years 6 weeks
i found this DeeMy Greek Adoption12 years 43 weeks
I just wanted to say I think anonymousMy Greek Adoption14 years 21 weeks
I lived in the orphanage in Joseph AristotelisMy Greek Adoption14 years 1 day

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