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...not for profit ..... ?!?! JaredEthiopia to Cut Foreign Adoptions by Up to 90 Percent3 years 4 weeks
a grain of mustard seed... TeddyRussian Adoptions Slow but not Stopped a Year after Uproar3 years 2 weeks
from my point of view NobodysgirlLid lifts on the anguish of China's stolen generation4 years 29 weeks
I just threw and reading that Scott and Karen Banks Focus on Ch DOP CHIENA Family for Every Child: International Adoption of American Children in the Netherlands4 years 10 weeks
"1) What's the embassy's AnonymousCOURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents 4 years 17 weeks
"3.) Susana and Guatadopt do BizziCOURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents 4 years 18 weeks
"A mistrial also does not" mozartcat89@gmail.comMia Depaillat2 years 20 weeks
"Abortion is a crime...." Kerry13 on trial for child trafficking in Algeria47 weeks 3 days
"addicted to adoption" KerryMega AP's stuck with mega problems and many unmet special needs3 years 1 day
"adoption guest houses" RebeccaWhat WILL they do next?4 years 11 weeks
"Adoption is built on pain and loss" KerryOn GuatAdopt’s “On Susana, CICIG, and the Senator”2 years 48 weeks
"Adoption Material", adoption-objects Marion_CullenHost an Orphan, (and mess with a child's head), Program2 years 14 weeks
"Afralia is now OPEN for business" KerryAustralians caught in Ethiopian adoption nightmare4 years 5 weeks
"Bring them home" KerryUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions4 years 33 weeks
"Care to make a small charitable donation?" KerryAdoption growing among evangelical Christians3 years 10 weeks
"Child Rescue" KerryIllegal Adoptions Child Trafficking The World Over5 years 40 weeks
"choice" neophyteThe adoption quandary6 years 9 weeks
"cowboy adoptions" KerryPortugal sets up children’s shelter as concerns grow over child trafficking4 years 11 weeks
"Dear public elected Career Politician..." KerryNepal nightmare3 years 30 weeks
"Discovering Dominga" AnonymousFor Guatemala Adult Adoptees taken during the Civil War2 years 47 weeks
"Economics really does play a role in adoption" KerryAdoption: Families urged to research, be patient4 years 34 weeks
"filling voids" KerryThe orphan planes5 years 16 weeks
"finger-prints don't lie" KerryFrattini tries to hoodwink Europe. 5 years 39 weeks
"For-profit" in the name of what, EXACTLY? KerryA report by the Committee on the Rights of Children of the UN5 years 45 weeks
"Going Home?" AnonymousLength-of-stay in a foreign country3 years 6 days

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