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False Article AnonymousAustralians caught in Ethiopian adoption nightmare3 years 18 weeks
Exposing Adoption Fraud AnonymousI-Team investigates international adoption facilitator1 year 22 weeks
"1) What's the embassy's AnonymousCOURT: She is accused of human trafficking and forged documents 4 years 17 weeks
couples get creative with adoptions.. AnonymousPreliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US4 years 14 weeks
Ethiopian Adoptions, an accident waiting to happen AnonymousOverseas adoptions halted4 years 17 weeks
In the child's best interest AnonymousEarthquake orphan appeal: Do not adopt earthquake orphans4 years 13 weeks
Hmmm... AnonymousThe mounting tally: Another avenue for adoption closes3 years 7 weeks
Children of unmarried AnonymousFitzgerald challenged on adoptions2 years 12 weeks
One door closes, another door opens AnonymousU.S. Still Suspects Fraud In Nepalese Orphanages2 years 49 weeks
American Soldier adopts Iraqi boy AnonymousAngelina Jolie set to adopt an Arab child4 years 23 weeks
and JCICS is trying to fix international adoptions? AnonymousKill the bill: the Families for Orphans Act and the fraudulent ideology of permanency4 years 17 weeks
Guatadopt and it's advertisers...ASG AnonymousCensoring on AP sites2 years 46 weeks
Good luck to the Carchedis AnonymousInter-country adoption: who facilitates whom4 years 16 weeks
Not lost nor closed, but undetermined! AnonymousMia Depaillat3 years 12 weeks
Sending countries blessing? AnonymousHost an Orphan, (and mess with a child's head), Program2 years 44 weeks
Cleaned up Trafficked Kids Identity AnonymousAmerican mother caught in Pakistani child trafficking nightmare42 weeks 4 days
Chudinov to grandfather in adoption cases? AnonymousKYRGYZSTAN: PRIME MINISTER CHUDINOV PLEDGES ACTION ON STALLED ADOPTIONS 4 years 21 weeks
I cannot believe there AnonymousFour myths about intercountry adoption4 years 26 weeks
Nor does it mean that they AnonymousChina probes child trafficking, adoption link2 years 49 weeks
adoption in Serbia AnonymousInternational adoption - as easy and as American as apple pie?!?3 years 4 weeks
Get your facts right AnonymousIs the US State Dept. Opposed to Inter-Country Adoption? - A rebuttal2 years 7 weeks
The photo of the child AnonymousOn GuatAdopt’s “On Susana, CICIG, and the Senator”2 years 48 weeks
The difference Special Needs domestic vs. International Adoption AnonymousPreliminary inter-country adoption statistics of the US4 years 23 weeks
?? AnonymousIs there a link between NHS-funded IVF and the adoption crisis? A response to Cristina Odone 3 years 3 days
I am a 1991 baby as well and AnonymousRomania’s lost orphans adopted abroad are they dead or alive now; who knows, who cares? 50 weeks 2 days

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