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in a class I had in college anonymousWhat happened to Adam?5 years 49 weeks
If you are an adoptive anonymousNew TB policy could disrupt overseas adoptions5 years 17 weeks
Banks "A purpose was born" R U KIDDING ME? anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer5 years 27 weeks
Insider anonymousMasha Allen's attorney withdraws from case5 years 38 weeks
"teach family values" anonymousReport: Las Vegas a Hub for Child Sex Trafficking5 years 26 weeks
foster hell anonymousGirl's Cries For Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears'5 years 38 weeks
Hmmm anonymousTherapeutic intervention in the Masha Allen case5 years 15 weeks
Westerners/Americans you amaze me! anonymousGuatemalan Children In Limbo of Orphanages5 years 24 weeks
Questions anonymousAdoption scandal sheds light on orphanages' struggle5 years 22 weeks
Adoption Racketeering In Utah anonymousBirth parents' battle: Custody dispute is costly in money and emotion5 years 41 weeks
my son from Missouri anonymousSome Texas foster kids' doctors have drug firm ties5 years 18 weeks
Faith J. Ray anonymousFaith J. Ray (Samantha Foster)5 years 29 weeks
Are Scott and Karen Banks good parental role models? anonymousFocus on Children's dubious affiliations5 years 16 weeks
Diane Garnick Story anonymousTeenage mother stages protest after son is given for adoption5 years 27 weeks
Have I misread the history books re the NSPCC? anonymousThe Mary Ellen Wilson Child Abuse Case and the Beginning of Children's Rights in 19th Century America5 years 25 weeks
this is news I like to hear anonymousFlorida Shifts Child-Welfare System’s Focus to Saving Families 5 years 21 weeks
You buy a kid from another anonymousFrom Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions6 years 3 weeks
the whole thing is sick anonymousJudge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time5 years 41 weeks
adopted parents anonymousHolding Therapy Child Abuse5 years 35 weeks
Already Accused of same in States anonymousUS paedophile arrested for abusing adopted 5-year-old daughter5 years 16 weeks
Jaycee anonymousTherapeutic intervention in the Masha Allen case5 years 15 weeks
BC Baby Injured in Care anonymousB.C.'s child watchdog says injured baby should never have been in care: advocate5 years 14 weeks
Amy's blog anonymousNot for Profit?5 years 35 weeks
Current status anonymousALLEN v. FAMILIES THRU INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION, INC. et al 5 years 14 weeks
if no one made money anonymousThe orphan planes5 years 50 weeks

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