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should they get paid to adopt anonymousNo miracles for town that heeded adoption call9 years 5 weeks
thanks again anonymousVictims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer8 years 51 weeks
U.S. District Judge David anonymousJudge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time9 years 12 weeks
How do you bring suit when lawyers won't take your case? anonymousDo child protection workers deserve immunity when they misrepresent or fabricate evidence?8 years 38 weeks
Are you kidding me?! anonymousInfant adoption awareness programs9 years 4 weeks
False Reporting- Sorry it is so long anonymousFalse reports of abuse should be dealt with harshly9 years 14 weeks
Absurd and false. anonymousMasha Allen's attorney withdraws from case9 years 8 weeks
I don't think anyone with money fails... anonymousThe common response to abuse in adoptive families8 years 50 weeks
The Gravelles trusted Elaine Thompson and her partner anonymousGravelles finally in jail9 years 4 weeks
Utah, the porn capital of the US anonymousFocus on Children's dubious affiliations8 years 39 weeks
Who is Considered an Orphan? anonymousJudge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time9 years 11 weeks
1958 Athens,Nikaia (Kokinia) baby boy give up for adoption anonymousMy Greek Adoption9 years 4 weeks
Adopted bee's in the Beehive state get dumped in Samoa anonymous'Send problem children to boarding schools'8 years 39 weeks
BC Baby Injured in Care anonymousB.C.'s child watchdog says injured baby should never have been in care: advocate8 years 36 weeks
Error in article anonymousThe Christian Brothers, a legacy of horror9 years 20 weeks
Hi Niels Where did you get anonymousPeace Corps or adoption army?9 years 23 weeks
why RAD? anonymous10-year-old's dark side frightens mother9 years 11 weeks
hrc anonymousUS lawmakers urge easier Guatemalan adoptions8 years 37 weeks
In most places more do anonymousStudy: 13.19% of Florida foster kids take psychiatric drugs8 years 51 weeks
Funding anonymousTexas Senate Approves Choose Life License Plate, State House Sitting on Bill9 years 3 weeks
sad anonymousJudge dismisses lawsuit on foster care system9 years 3 weeks
Amy's blog anonymousNot for Profit?9 years 5 weeks
Check the facts anonymousJames W. Bader (Jimmy Jones)8 years 41 weeks
Jaycee anonymousTherapeutic intervention in the Masha Allen case8 years 37 weeks
Well run orphanages anonymousFrom Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions9 years 19 weeks

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